Although not a South African tradition, for the past 3 years I've made it my own tradition and made eggnog. Eggnog is a dairy, alcoholic beverage (Or non-alcoholic) mainly enjoyed during the festive season (November-December).

Eggnog originated in the United Kingdom and was passed onto American colonies in the 18th century. It was typically a drink enjoyed by the aristocracies as its main ingredients, milk, eggs and sherry, were foods of the wealthy. In the 21st century it became more popular with North Americans and Canadians. Home made eggnog is typically preferred over store bought eggnog.

As far as I know, you can't buy eggnog in any of our South African supermarkets so why not just make our own! This is a quick and easy eggnog recipe that I make. I prefer to make non-alcoholic eggnog because I don't like the mix of dairy and alcohol but you can easily make it an alcoholic drink if that's what you prefer.

WARNING: I wrote this post as a typical young-dumb-and-broke student so don't judge.

If you're a foodie, head over to Part 1.

Bloem is super cold and super hot. The weather knows no chill. Just when you think this is the hottest it can get, it gets hotter. Just when you think this is the coldest it can get, it gets colder. Now that it's winter, that struggle is so real. It's that time of year again when everyone's going to post "Does anyone want to be my cuddle buddy?" on Facebook. Yeah keep your cuddle buddies, all I need for food and my bed and I'm good. Do you know what else keeps me warm? You guess it, Jagerbombs!

Now Jagermeister didn't sponsor this post but I so wish they had. I mention jagerbombs so much because they're my squads signature drink. One Tuesday night after a terrible economics exam we went to No.16 Stoep and Beer Garden (Which just closed down unfortunately *sob*) and our waiter suggested we try jagerbombs, a mix of Jagermeister and red bull. In that moment our lives changed. We didn't feel so depressed about our exam anymore, for the first time that night we felt like everything was going to be okay. Hence, the significance of jagerbombs in my life.

Back to the travel guide. A lot of people I speak to, especially those that live in the city, seem to have no idea what to do in Bloemfontein! Granted, compared to other cities in the country it does seem to have a lack of fun activities but that's no excuse to not do any exploring all together. Here are some of the things I like doing in Bloem:

  • Oliewenhuis - As a creative, one of the first things I like to explore in every city I visit is the museums. The actual building design of Oliwenhuis art museum is stunning! Not to mention the front lawn, which is pretty much the only green place in Bloem all year round. They have a permanent exhibit upstairs as well as every month they have a new one downstairs. My favorite temporary exhibition was The Visionary Brusher Game by Janine Allen in August 2016. It was so creepy! I also tried out the walking/hiking trails which are fairly decent. And it used to be an awesome place to catch pokemon! Oliewenhuis also has a restaurant, The Terrace, which I'm not a fan of since I've received bad service there.
  • National Museum - One of my favorite museums ever! From Astronomy to Palaeontology to the history of Bloemfontein, this place has everything. Located right in the middle of the CBD, this place truly gives you a piece of history. My favorite exhibition is the historical street scene. According to the website, "This exhibition depicts the daily life of ordinary people in a Free State town at the end of the 19th to early 20th century." It really makes me feel like I'm experiencing life in the 19th century. Everything is so realistic, even the teeny, tiny details. 
  • Free State Botanical Gardens - the botanical gardens are located a few kilometers out of town and are definitely worth the drive. If you like plants, this will obviously be an awesome, educational treat for you but I really couldn't care less about flowers. The Botanical Gardens also have some amazing hiking trails which I can't recommend enough as well as lots of cute picnic spots. 
  • Boeremark - if you can get yourself to wake up early on a Saturday (Usually the biggest struggle for me since I always seem to be hung over on Saturday morning, I have no idea why) go to the Boeremark in Langenhoven Park. They have lots of yummy treats (Like the best pancakes ever), a George Clooney look-a-like working at one of the stalls (Mmm yummy) and really cool random shit you can buy. 
  • Cheetahs and Shimlas rugby - I know there's tons of other sport that happen in Bloem but lets be real, I only care about rugby. I'm a huge Cheetahs supporters (Although, not as much as the Sharks) and love watching them play in the Currie Cup. The vibe at the games are incredible and it's so beautiful seeing the whole town get behind their team. The Shimlas are my go to team for the Varsity Cup and you can catch their games at Shimla Park.
  • Loch logan Waterfront - you can't keep a girl from her shopping and Loch Logan Waterfront mall mall definitely satisfies all my shopping desires. My usual routine is: smoothie at Kauai; shop at cotton on; lunch at Braza; dessert at Cinnabon then a movie at Nu Metro. Yeah, you can see that I'm a basic bitch. They also have Go Karts on level M4 which are super fun.
Some honorary mentions would be Windmill Casino, where I kick butt at bowling, the arcade games at Mimosa mall, where you can relive your childhood playing Tekken, Gwen Bali waterpark about 10km out of Bloem and a day trip to Masselspoort. There are still lots of exploring I want to do, like going to Naval Hill, the Womens Memorial Monument, visit Cheetah's experience Conservation Centre, the Anglo Boer War Museum and the elude escape room.

If you're looking for a place to stay, I had an awesome time at the City Lodge right opposite Mimosa mall and would totally recommend it. Also, if you happen to fall down the stairs you can always go to Mediclinic right opposite for all your dying, I mean medical, needs.


I'll end things off with my favorite part of this Travel Guide! Time to get lit at the clurrrrb. My favorite place to go out in Bloem is No.16 Stoep and Beer Garden. My squad has this phrase we use instead of turn up - Stoep it up. I'm sure you can guess where that originated from.

Other places that deserve honorary mention are Boho Bistro A.K.A the place where at least 5 guys are bound to hit on you in a night. I love Boho Bistro but it's just always so full and the guys there have no chill.

Patong is also pretty cool, as well as Mystic Boer (R8 wine on Tuesdays! And an amazing nachos pizza) and Cubana (The only hookah in town). The best part is that all of these places are on 2nd Avenue which means you only need to take a cab there and back. So go forth into the world and DRAAAAANK THOSE JAGERBOMBS.

I'm nicknaming this post JAGERBOMBS IN BLOEMFONTEIN.

Why? You just have to read part 2 to find out. *wink*

Now, Bloemfontein is dry. No, like, I'm serious. So damn dry. In every way. It's only in Bloem that you really learn to appreciate water. Water is the greatest gift from God, never forget that. And you know what else is a great gift from God? Jagerbombs!

With recent events such as President Donald J. Trump's "muslim ban" there have been lots of negativity from the western world towards followers of Islam. Our generation prides itself on being all about radiating them good vibes, so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite things about the Muslim (Particularly Arab) culture.

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Sheikh Zayed Mosque, 4 January 2016

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