Sunday 13 January 2019


In 2019 I’m leveling up my New Year’s resolutions by setting realistic goals and actually pursuing them with help from the Uber Eats app.

Every year my New Year’s resolutions seem to include some kind of fitness goals – but somehow I never end up taking action to actually achieve them. It’s easy to say I’m going to go to the gym every day and eat healthy but it’s a whole other story actually doing it!

It all comes down to being realistic with your goals. For me, it’s unrealistic to plan to cook healthy every day because I just don’t have the time. It usually leads to me just frying something that’s covered in oil and isn’t going to be healthy. This year I’m using the Uber Eats app to take a realistic approach to my health. I might not have the time to whip up a smoothie or make a salad but I can easily order one using the Uber Eats app – it would literally take me like 2 minutes to place my order and then I can get on with my workout or any work I’m doing. With scheduling an order it fits into my lifestyle! Being so busy, it’s super easy and effective for me to schedule an order at 11:00am for 13:00 because I often lose track of time with so many tasks!

One of the things about the Uber Eats app that I love is that you have so much freedom to customise it to suit you. This could be a great way to customise your order to make it healthier such as by choosing sweet potato chips instead of ordinary ones if the restaurant offers it. You can also customize your drop off with specific instructions or even use Uber Eats simultaneously with Uber. This is great for me because I can schedule an order while I’m in my uberX on the way home from the gym and have my post workout food waiting for me when I arrive home.

The process of choosing what to order is made even easier and less time consuming by the app giving you personalized recommendations and making it easy to filter restaurants by cuisine, speed, price, dish information and average prep time. If you’re like me and take forever to decide what to eat, this makes life so much easier!

The convenience the app provides is priceless. I have so many goals I’m hoping to achieve in 2019 and I need to make use of everything that will make my goals more easily achievable. Uber Eats fits into my busy 20-something lifestyle seamlessly and I will be making use of it this year to help me achieve my New Year’s resolutions for once – well at least the fitness ones!



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