Wednesday 6 September 2023

New Direct Flights Connect Africa and Brazil: A Cultural and Economic Milestone

In a momentous development that underscores the strengthening of cultural and economic ties between nations, the Brazilian Tourism Board (EMBRATUR) has warmly welcomed the announcement of new direct flights linking Brazil with the African nation. This groundbreaking initiative is set to offer non-stop flights from key African destinations to the vibrant landscapes of Brazil, opening a new chapter in the evolving relationship between these two continents.

The visionary initiative resonates with the recent commitment of Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to forge stronger economic and social bonds with the African continent. President Lula's recent visit to South Africa, Angola, and São Tomé and Príncipe, where he was received by the leaders of these nations, underscores Brazil's dedication to this cause.

During his inspiring speech at the National Assembly of Angola in Luanda, President Lula emphasized that more than half of Brazil's 203 million citizens identify as Afro-descendants. He stated, "Much has already been said about what unites us in music, dance, capoeira, gastronomy, and soccer. We need and can go beyond this extraordinary cultural link."

This strategic expansion brings Brazil closer to Africa, facilitating seamless travel for both business and leisure travelers to explore the rich culture, natural wonders, and abundant business opportunities each region has to offer, according to Marcelo Freixo, President of the Brazilian Tourism Board.

Flight Connections:

Beginning in early September, LATAM Airlines will make history as the first Latin American airline to operate direct flights from Brazil to Africa since the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. This exciting new route will establish a direct connection between São Paulo and Johannesburg, South Africa, offering convenient connections to the rest of the African continent.

In addition to LATAM, South African Airways is also set to introduce two new routes in early September, providing direct services from Cape Town and Johannesburg to São Paulo.

Moreover, the government of Cape Verde has announced the relaunch of a flight connecting the African archipelago to Fortaleza, Ceará, strengthening the connection between northern Africa and northeastern Brazil.

Strengthening Ties:
These initiatives by LATAM Airlines and South African Airways underscore the deepening relationships between Brazil and African nations across various sectors. The reduced travel times and added convenience are expected to amplify these ties and bolster the growth of tourism and commerce.

Travelers can anticipate a world-class flight experience onboard the latest, technologically advanced aircraft, with a range of fare options, including Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class, catering to every traveler's needs. These new flights provide a seamless bridge between Africa and Brazil, making it easier than ever to explore Brazilian destinations such as São Paulo, Salvador, and Rio de Janeiro, among others.

As these flights take off, the world can eagerly anticipate the fusion of African and Brazilian cultures, as well as the exciting opportunities that lie ahead in this new chapter of connectivity between these two vibrant regions. Stay tuned for a cultural and economic journey like no other!


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