Wednesday 30 October 2019


What makes you feel the most wanted? What does it mean to feel the most wanted? It means feeling flamboyant, passionate and authentic, feeling free, adventurous, untimeable and playful. In other words feeling the most wanted is about feeling like the most empowered version of yourself.

"Create your own luck, play, shine and attempt the impossible to succeed."

That's the motto of Azzaro Wanted Girl perfume's creator, Loris Azzaro. The fragrance launched in South Africa recently and I've been absolutely obsessed! 

The essence of the perfume is the Azzaro Wanted Girl. 

"Azzaro Wanted Girl embodies untameable beauty tinged with confidence and overflowing with charm. The Azzaro Wanted woman is captivating. She’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants and to be who she wants to be. She believes in her destiny, loves to create her own luck and challenge herself. Her life is a game. Joyful and playful, Wanted Girl stands out for her effortless, chic side. Her desire to fully relish each moment is her secret to making herself shine. Men want her, women envy her."

What makes me feel the most wanted?

It's no secret that I have the most adventurous spirit - my instagram bio is literally "I go on adventures" (And your instagram bio basically sums you up, right?)

I feel happiest and most empowered when I get to embrace my free spirit. I love experiencing life on the road or on a plane, living out of a suitcase, and having endless moments worth remembering. 

Having new experiences in unknown destinations sets my heart alight. That's what makes my spirit come alive, my eyes light up and my heart oh so happy. 

I love jumping and dancing with my hands in the air at music festivals, hiking majestic landscapes, trying out exotic and unique foods, seeing places I've only read about in books and studied in high school history class, meeting new people that have experienced life in a completely different way whether or not they speak the same language and just being completely out of my comfort zone in ways I couldn't have imagined

That makes me feel the most me, the most empowered and the most wanted

In 2019, Azzaro Wanted Girl was released, with the South African release coming towards the end of the year at leading fragrance retailers like Edgars and Foschini. It retails for about R1350 for 50ml. Wanted Girl is the female equivalent of the bestselling Wanted perfume for men. 

The scent is oriental and floral (Which makes sense since the bottle is shaped like a 3D flower). You can get notes of pomegranate  ginger blossom and orange blossom. 

It's described as "the ultimate dose of dazzling femininity" and I couldn't agree more. It's girly and delicate but also fierce. Kind of like me ;)

Think about what makes you feel the most wanted. And I'm sure having your own bottle of Azzaro Wanted Girl wouldn't hurt as well!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however all opinions expressed are my own


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