Friday 11 October 2019


When you think of touristy things to do in Cape Town, there's no doubt that Table Mountain dominates that list. The list of people who've been to Cape Town and people who've been up to Table Mountain is pretty much mutually exclusive right? While the actual mountain is what we consider synonymous with Table Mountain Nation Park, the Good Hope also falls under Table Mountain National Park. And within the Good Hope is where you'll find the Cape Point Nature Reserve. 

Whether you're interested in history (Cape Point is an important part of South African maritime history), keeping fit (Cape Point has some amazing hiking trails - even overnight ones), birds (Think around 250 different species of bird) and most especially flora and fauna (So. Many. Different. Plants. But also lots of exotic animals - we're talking Cape Cobra exotic). 

Nearest City: Cape Town, about an hour away
Kind of Traveller: Outdoorsy
How long do you need there: Make it a day trip

Things To Do At Cape Point - Hiking

I recently experienced a 2,5 hour hike at the reserve and while hiking isn't the usual way people experience Cape Point, it's definitely the most immersive experience. The hike was led by local guide and mountain enthusiast Justin Hawthorne, a full time hiking guide known to be one of the best in SA

What? Hiking at Cape Point Nature Reserve
Where? Da Gama Peak trail
How long? Around 2 hours or less (It took us longer because of the size of the group + social media people like to take pictures!)

Food - Cape Point's Two Oceans Restaurant

After our hike we were treated to lunch at the Two Oceans Restaurant. Award winning chef, Chad Blows, and his team did not disappoint! I ordered the Norwegian Salmon main (Yam and orange puree, caramelised sweet potato and confit red pepper) and it was quite possibly the tastiest salmon I've ever had(And that's saying a lot since I love salmon and order it everywhere). It was melt in your mouth delicious - and for someone who almost never finishes her food, I nearly finished mine. 

I would actually recommend this restaurant as being worth driving all the way to Cape Point for - the view from our table in the restaurant was stunning, the ambiance made it perfect for a date, family meal or social meal with friends, and the staff are so accommodating and warm. I'd go so far as to this might be my favourite restaurant I've visited in 2019. Two Oceans Restaurant, see you soon again!

Other Cape Point attractions/Things To Do at Cape Point

Enjoy the sights

Cape Point Nature Reserve is filled with majestic sights - from False Bay in the distance, to the beautiful icy Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye can see. The best way to enjoy it is to not be in a hurry, relax and take it in. Photos honestly, truly don't do it justice at all. 

Take stunning photos

Of course with beautiful sights comes the opportunity to take advantage of the perfect backdrop for instagram photos! Just search the Cape Point location tag on instagram and you'll see what I mean. Hint: Hiking to higher altitudes also has the benefit of even more stunning views.

Riding the Flying Dutchman Funicular

Yes I know, funicular is a funny word. A funicular is a special type of railway that travels up and down steep slopes, operating by cable. It's only a short 3 minute ride but it has beautiful views and you have bragging rights that you rode Africa's ONLY commercial funicular.

Whether it's a baecation or family trip, experiencing Cape Point especially in an unconventional way like a hike, is the perfect day trip to add to your Cape Town itinerary.


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