Thursday 28 September 2023


Visiting the Western Cape in spring is an unparalleled experience. As the province sheds its winter cloak, it comes to life with a burst of vibrant wildflowers, breathtaking scenery, and a mild and inviting climate. Spring always brings a burst of colour to the landscapes opening the opportunity to experience mother nature work her magic.


Less than an hour’s drive from the Mother City nestled in the Cape Winelands, Franschhoek is one of the premier wine-producing regions in the country known for its picturesque vineyards, wineries surrounded by stunning landscapes.

With its surrounding breath-taking mountain ranges Franschhoek is an outdoor enthusiast’s playground, welcome the spring wildflowers  with a short hike, work your way through dozens of winding trails - leading to views that will leave you in awe.


If sampling the finer things in life is more your style, then one of the more than 45 wineries nestled in the valley, should do the trick - ranging from spectacular to the family owned, this region is known for producing astonishingly good wines, and what better way to sip your way through the list than by travelling in style on the Franschhoek Wine Tram running on tracks that are more than 100 years old the tram is a must visit if you find yourself in Franschhoek.

Whether it’s a weekend away to decompress or a weeklong staycation there are quite a number of accommodations offers – from rustic country style accommodation to quaint luxury boutique offerings like the Protea by Marriott Hotel Franschhoek.


As tourism month kicks into high gear, it's the perfect time to celebrate and support local travel by embracing the opportunity to savour the sites and flavours of Franschhoek creating cherished memories.


Tuesday 26 September 2023

Roku Gin Summer Cocktails

Elevate your summer festivities with an exciting twist as we introduce the ultimate enhancement for your Roku Japanese Gin cocktail. Bring your cocktails to life with these six exquisite garnishes that will redefine your journey as a cocktail enthusiast. Roku Japanese Gin, with its harmonious blend of botanicals, offers a canvas for creativity that deserves to be explored this summer.


Friday 22 September 2023

Whale season is in full swing at De Hoop

De Hoop Nature Reserve, a World Heritage site and Marine Protected area in the Overberg region is world renowned as one the best spots for land-based whale watching in South Africa. Every year, between June and November some 40% of the world’s southern right whales come to these shores to breed.

According to marine conservation photographer, Jean Tresfon, Koppie Alleen in the De Hoop Nature Reserve had the highest concentration of whales. He recently undertook the first official aerial survey of southern right whale numbers for 2023 with Dr Els Vermeulen of the UP Mammal Research Institute Whale Unit.

“The first whale we spotted, in Hermanus just under the cliffs near the Old Harbour, was upside down with a tiny calf on her chest. As we went on, we started to see more and more southern right whales, with 346 whales (of which 172 were calves) counted between Struisbaai and Skipskop Point. But, as expected we found the main concentration of whales at Koppie Alleen. There were so many whales here that the counting was an exercise in itself! The final number was 472 whales, (236 were calves) in the bay at Koppie Alleen, while another 115 whales (57 calves) were counted along the rest of the De Hoop coastline towards Cape Infanta."

The final figure from the aerial survey from Hermanus to Witsand of 1 136 whales, showed a substantial increase over the numbers counted over the past four years, but still less than the record numbers seen in 2018.

“Whale time is definitely a favourite time at De Hoop Collection,” said William Stephens, owner of De Hoop Collection on hearing the results. “This figure comes as no surprise. Koppie Alleen, with its relatively warm and calm waters is a haven for whales and their calves and is in fact the most important nursery area on the South African coast for southern right whales and this results in impressive numbers of whale sightings.”

The De Hoop Collection situated in the heart of the magnificent reserve and just three hours from Cape Town, offers a range of affordable accommodation from campsite rondawels, self-catering cottages and houses (sleeping from two to six people) to romantic suites, an old stone Manor house and the recent addition of the De Mond Villa.

Member of Cape Country Routes, the De Hoop Collection is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway – here you get to experience a unique outdoor experience like no other - the sea, the beaches, a Ramsar listed vlei, rare indigenous plants, diverse animal and bird life… and the Whales. “De Hoop continues to be the best spot for whale watching in South Africa From the high vantage point of the pristine dunes of Koppie Alleen our guests get to enjoy incredible sightings of the whales breaching, tail slapping and spyhopping - a term for when a whale rises partially out of the water in an upright position”.

Book now and experience the magic that is De Hoop!

Call or email Samantha at De Hoop Collection +27 (0)21 422 4522,

Reservations: 021-422 4522 or,


Tuesday 19 September 2023

Qatar Airways Receives Best Business Class by Business Traveller, Wins Three More Awards

Multi-award-winning airline, Qatar Airways, has triumphed in four categories at this year’s Business Traveller Awards at the Royal Garden Hotel in London. The national carrier of the State of Qatar continues to be recognised for its excellence on a global scale, being awarded Best Long-Haul Airline, Best Business Class, Best Middle Eastern Airline, and Best Inflight Food & Beverage by Business Traveller. The airline’s hub, Hamad International Airport (DOH) in Doha, Qatar, has also been named Best Airport in the Middle East, and the Second-Best Airport in the World.


Thursday 14 September 2023

Thaba Eco Hotel's Luxury Transformation: Where Heritage Meets Modern Opulence

Nestled within the breathtaking Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, the Thaba Eco Hotel has always been an icon of excellence in the world of hospitality. But hold onto your hats, because they've just unveiled a transformation that's set to redefine luxury and sophistication in the industry!

A Seamless Blend of Heritage and Modern Luxury

For nearly two decades, Thaba Eco Hotel has been synonymous with hospitality excellence. Today, they're taking their commitment to the next level by introducing their newly refurbished Superior King Suites. These suites are the result of months of meticulous planning, design, and craftsmanship, all aimed at providing guests with an elevated and unforgettable experience.

Picture this: The Superior King Suites have been carefully reimagined to seamlessly blend the allure of Thaba's heritage with contemporary opulence. Every detail, from custom-built furnishings to harmonious color palettes, has been chosen to evoke a sense of timeless elegance. These suites reflect Thaba's dedication to offering a unique and captivating stay for its valued guests.

A Transformational Approach to Hospitality

At Thaba Eco Hotel, they believe in going beyond just renovating rooms. It's a holistic approach to hospitality, where every interaction, service, and detail is designed to ensure guests' utmost comfort and delight. It's all about crafting unforgettable experiences.

Introducing Our Brand Ambassadors

As part of their commitment to personalized hospitality, Thaba Eco Hotel is proud to introduce its esteemed Brand Ambassadors. These ambassadors, inspired by Thaba's resident wildlife, represent different facets of their transformational hospitality approach:

  1. Kagosi, the luxury seeker: Kagosi embodies modern elegance and appreciates excellence in service and personalization. He envisions responsible luxury, making him the perfect advocate for Thaba Eco Hotel.

  2. Dineo, the romantic: Dineo is a connoisseur of luxury romance, finding beauty in comfort and romantic settings. She represents Thaba as the ultimate wedding venue and experience.

  3. Lesedi, the family traveler: Lesedi focuses on family-oriented travel in exclusive, safe environments. Thaba is the ideal destination for unforgettable family moments.

    1. Ruri, the Trendy Traveler: Ruri craves modern luxury and cutting-edge experiences. Thaba offers a fusion of style and substance for her journey.

    2. Thato, Thaba's Eco-Conscious Ambassador: Thato embraces nature, sustainability, and premium eco-friendly experiences.

    3. Kabo, Thaba's Bleisure Ambassador: Kabo blends work and leisure seamlessly and appreciates luxury, fine dining, and exceptional service.

    4. Oteng, Kraal Restaurant's Ambassador of Culinary Elegance: Oteng embodies sophistication and an appreciation for fresh, innovative gastronomy.

    A World Where Opulence Meets Sustainability

    Thaba Eco Hotel invites you to step into a world where opulence meets sustainability, where contemporary design merges with the ultimate in hospitality experience. Their commitment to preserving the environment and offering luxurious experiences is at the heart of their transformation.

    A Celebration of Shared Journeys

    In the words of Kirsty Marais, Chief Excellence Officer for Thaba Eco Hotel, "We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our cherished guests for their unwavering support throughout our journey. Thaba Eco Hotel's transformation is a celebration of our shared voyage, and we invite you to immerse yourself in the allure of our newly refurbished Superior King Suites, partake in our bespoke experiences, and create memories that will linger long after your departure."

    So, what are you waiting for? The Thaba Eco Hotel's transformation promises a travel experience like no other, where luxury meets nature, and heritage meets modern opulence. It's time to embark on your next adventure in the heart of South Africa's stunning nature reserve. We can't wait to hear about your unforgettable stay at Thaba Eco Hotel. Until next time, fellow explorers!


Tuesday 12 September 2023

An adventurer’s guide to Cape Town’s bucket-list activities

If you’re an avid explorer, you’re likely familiar with terms like ‘coastineering’, ‘below the surface’, ‘canyoning’ or ‘kloofing’. If you aren't, these are some of the activities the City of Cape Town has to offer for the adventurous at heart. City dwellers from across the globe, visit the Southernmost tip of Africa to embark on new and daring activities that provide the adventurous with thrills and memories to last a lifetime.

From secret passages that require hard hats and boots to explore, to oceanside mountain coasting with safety ropes, Cape Town is an adventurer’s bucket-list paradise.

The yellow frame route

Bring your selfie sticks! You might have to trek, hike or ride a train to get to them but for each location Cape Town’s yellow frames are set in, the way there is certainly worth the trudge. Each of Cape Town’s iconic frames offer viewers a unique and undisturbed view of the iconic Table Mountain. The unmissable landmarks are set in locations such as Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront’s lawn, the Cape Town railway station, historical District Six, Signal Hill and Lookout Hill in Khayelitsha. For each of the areas that you visit, there will be tours, adventures, and novel experiences to enjoy. In Khayelitsha, you might take a bike ride tour of the area. In District Six you might be welcomed into a local’s home for a meal of traditional Cape Malay cuisine. At Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, you might witness dolphins, seals or a whale floating in the ocean set alongside the beautiful hotel. Be sure to sample the local dishes on the seaside-set Tobago’s restaurant menu while you are there.

Dreamy retreats

Some of the most beautiful places in the Western Cape will only be seen by those with the time to drive outside of Cape Town to witness them. The Tsitsikamma National Park, an oceanside forest offering zipline, hiking and canoeing is just a few hours’ drive out of the city. To experience some of these secret locations, wellness practitioners in the region host private retreats that are bookable throughout the year. 

These retreats might focus on activities like cold water immersion, yoga, meditation or exploring your inner world in nature. For each, the promise is usually that it will be set in a natural setting where guests can select from close by activities in nature such as hiking, river swimming and even bouldering or coastineering - the act of kloofing down a mountainside and to drop into an ocean.

At night embark on an adventure of exploring the night’s sky and its stars when they can be seen better away from city lights. 

Uncovered secrets

Legends tell that when the city of Cape Town’s catchment systems were constructed, builders created secret tunnels which were later used in the prohibition era to smuggle contraband. Whether or not this is true, these tunnels were first created to serve ships that docked in Cape Town with fresh mountain water. Some of these secret tunnels are rivers and canals date back as far as 1652.

Despite being abandoned they have become popular adventure sights and some pass underneath sites like the Company Gardens. Be sure to take a tour guide so as not to get lost, and to enjoy their stories about the tunnels’ uses over the last 400 years or so.

Bumpy rides

White river rafting, bobsledding, water slides and sea kayaking are all great activities with an added bump or curve along the ride to add to your Cape Town bucket list. “Cape Town kayakers’ social media profiles are filled with the most beautiful pictures of the dolphins that seem to lie in wait for kayakers to swim alongside as they row. Reports are that seals, jumping fish, the odd shark and even whales have also been sighted by those in the water. And often, we can see this taking place in the ocean from the deck of the hotel” comments Papy Mingashanga, Guest Relations Manager at Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront 

Paragliding is bookable almost daily, and is done from signal hill, Lion’s Head or Table Mountain among other sites.  

In the summer, be sure to go earlier to avoid hours under the harsh sun. Do your research to determine which activities are child friendly or adult only. Have a look out for specials and discounts on these activities ahead of time and search for accommodation closest to the variety of bucket list activities which appeal to you.


Wednesday 6 September 2023

New Direct Flights Connect Africa and Brazil: A Cultural and Economic Milestone

In a momentous development that underscores the strengthening of cultural and economic ties between nations, the Brazilian Tourism Board (EMBRATUR) has warmly welcomed the announcement of new direct flights linking Brazil with the African nation. This groundbreaking initiative is set to offer non-stop flights from key African destinations to the vibrant landscapes of Brazil, opening a new chapter in the evolving relationship between these two continents.

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