Monday, 19 October 2020


Last year Uber and Uber Eats hosted their inaugural Tech For Safety summit, and this year they're back again on 22 October, hosting their second annual summit with a focus on technology-driven innovative solutions. In true 2020 spirit, the summit is being held virtually which means anyone can join in! But wait, what's in it for us? 

The summit is for riders, drivers and the general public to bring to the forefront some of Africa's biggest threats to personal safety, while highlighting the opportunities that exist in leveraging technology. The summit is Uber's way of providing a platform to discuss safety issues and innovative tech solutions to their problems

My Thursday the 22nd of October is fully booked with taking full advance of the opportunity to attend the summit virtually accompanied by ordering in Uber Eats. Thanks to the numerous safety features on the app, I have that extra peace of mind. The summit runs for the entire day from 9:30am to 4:30pm (Agenda below). Don't forget to use the hashtag #Tech4Safety on social media to join in on the conversation (I definitely will!). 


The virtually Tech For Satefy Summit by Uber is 100% free (Yes, for mahala). Registering is easy peasy (Literally took me less than a minute). The summit is held on Zoom so you can register using the webinar registration link or you can email your full name and email address to You get a confirmation email and DONE. 


1. Because COVID-19 happened. 

2020 is no ordinary year. We're living in the age of COVID-19. That makes safety an absolute PRIORITY and makes this summit more relevant than ever. The world is not the same, and the summit will look at how now more than ever, safety and technology is the key for survival, for people and businesses.

This summit, with its innovative speakers and panellists, will contribute to COVID-19 safety conversation while equipping guests with the thinking and knowledge needed to use current and new technology to help create a safer future for all across sub-Saharan Africa. 

2. Because our communities, and protecting their well-being, matter. 

Safety unlocks opportunities for growth in our communities. 

Innovation in the safety sector is of utmost importance and Uber wants to show us how they're raising the bar on safety to provide a safer experience for riders, drivers and the larger community. 

Uber is continuously improving their technology because they believe that safety never stops. There is always a way the app can get better at protecting and supporting its communities and they have done so during this crisis.

3. We'll get to hear from the experts. 

COLLABORATION: This event encourages collaborative discussion, whereby solutions can be conceptualised and developed across the region.

Thought leaders, corporates, start-ups and innovators from across sub-Saharan Africa will lead the summit by addressing the safety challenges faced by the pandemic and what solutions have worked

Tech For Safety Agenda & Topics 

● 09:30 – Welcome & Opening Remarks 

○ Welcome from Frans Hiemstra, Uber SSA GM and perspectives on tech and safety 

● 10:00 – Panel | Tech for Transport Safety 

○ How has technology changed the way we move around safely especially with today’s 

challenges and how the face of transport could evolve to embrace the future. Speakers include: 

● 11:00 – Break 

● 11:20 – Panel | Tech for Safety in the New Normal 

○ Now that we are spending more time at home, what are some of the tech advancements 

that are making our lives easier, and what are some of the risks that are now heightened. Speakers include: 

● 12:50 – Lunch Break 

● 13:40 – Fireside Chat | Adapting to the New Norm 

○ How companies have had to adapt – to serve employees and customers. We need to be 

more open to unprecedented ideas, with the pandemic already proving that entire 

workforces can operate remotely

  • Presentation | Akankshu Dhawan, Head of Product Management at Uber –  Adapting to the New Norm

● 14:10 – Panel | Tech for Community Safety 

○ The community at large already faces general safety issues, with COVID-19 further 

complicating and exacerbating safety concerns faced. How are companies using 

innovation in this time to make their communities safer? Speakers include: 

● 15:10 – Break 

● 15:30 – Tech for Start-up Safety 

○ Startup showcase session where participants showcase their startups to VCs and 

everyone online. 

● 16:30 – Closing Remarks

By Nduduzo Nyanda, Country Manager of Uber South Africa 

So from here, there's only 3 things you need to do: 


1. Clear up your calendar for Thursday, 22 October 
2. Register for the Tech For Safety Summit 
3. Enjoy the Summit!

This post is sponsored by Uber Eats South Africa, however all opinions expressed are my own. 


Thursday, 1 October 2020


 When we think of "treat yourself" what comes to mind is face masks, champagne and massages but I for one believe wash-day should be a whole pamper session too. If you have curly hair you're probably already accustomed to wash-day being a whole occasion that you have to schedule out in your diary. But instead of it being something you dread (Washing my hair takes at least 3-4 hours out of my day) make it something to look forward to.



I wanted to first start off giving you my review of the range after using it for the last 2 weeks. I tried the Supreme Repair and Supreme Smooth both shampoo and conditioners. Both have Argan oil, while the Supreme Repair 'fights surface damage from the 1st wash'.

Starting off with the shampoos - having type 3 curly hair, an important criteria for my shampoo is that it must not be too harsh or drying. I shampoo at most twice a week (I generally pre-poo with coconut oil so co-wash isn't sufficient for me and I need to shampoo). Another reason that I shampoo is because I have psoriasis that causes my scalp to be quite dry and flakey. Luckily for me, the head & shoulders is designed specifically as an anti-dandruff shampoo. Compared to the original ranges, it did do an amazing job of cleansing my scalp although I'd say it isn't as strong as previous head & shoulders shampoos and doesn't feel harsh at all. It also smells very different to the more minty 'fresh' smell and is instead more florally and fruity. 

The conditioner, on the other hand, is unique in that it is specially designed for scalp use. I'm so used to just using my conditioner on the length of my hair (And not the scalp) that it was refreshing to get to use it closer to my scalp (The hair closer to my scalp also tends to be very dry so getting to use conditioner made the biggest difference). The conditioner has a similar floral and fruity smell to the shampoo and just by using a small amount it left my hair soft and was easy to detangle. I generally leave my conditioner on for a few minutes and by the time I washed it out my hair felt silky soft and smooth - just how I like it and I didn't have to use a treatment.


Another week, another wash day. Here are some easy ways to make your wash day a whole special occasion.

  • Set the mood: Start off with your set up. Maybe put some music on and light some incense. You can be super extra too, with candles and a rose petal filled bath, if that's your thing.
  • Pre-poo: Before shampoo, I generally like to oil my hair, usually an hour or so before. If I'm using coconut oil, I'll get it out of the fridge, melt it between my hands and rub it into my hair usually while watching something on tv. You can also prepoo and then put on a face mask or do your nails while you wait.
  • At this stage I'll get into the shower, wash up and then rinse off the prepoo and shampoo. All the while singing along to music ;) While you shampoo, it's also the perfect opportunity to massage your scalp which has the added benefits of stimulating blood flow to help keep your hair happy and healthy (And head massages feel AMAZING!)
  • I like to condition twice - the first time I just detangle my hair and leave it on for at least five minutes. While I wait I'd probably shave my legs or do my usual shower routine. I rinse off then condition again - curly girls need as much moisture and nutrients as we can get.
  • After showering and washing your hair, why not put your hair up in a towel and do any other personal grooming things you have left - perhaps shaping your brows or spending that extra time getting your skin extra moisturised. 
These are just some of the things you can incorporate into your wash day to make it extra special and an absolute spoil.

This post is sponsored by Head & Shoulders South Africa however, all opinions expressed are my own.

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