Sunday, 20 January 2019


No family is perfect - that's the tagline for the new local movie, 3 Days To Go. Can it get any more relatable?

I was invited to the premiere on Thursday and got a peak at the film ahead of its official release in cinema's on Friday the 25th of January. 3 Day To Go stars Leeandra Reddy, Jailoshini Naidoo, Kajal Bagwandeen along with Bollywood star Lillette Dubey. The film is directed by Bianca Isaac.

The Premiere

The Durban premiere was held at Gateway Theatre of Shopping in Umhlanga on Thursday, the 17th January. The setup consisted of a red carpet, delicious food by Chilli Chocolate Chefs and an opportunity to network before the movie. We each got a little gift that consisted of a notebook, sweets and a 3 Days To Go fridge magnet. 

I enjoyed the chance to catch up with old friends as well as meet other people in the industry. The event was MC'd by fellow blogger/vlogger Ruan Scheepers. (Scroll to the end for more pictures from the premiere)

The cast on the red carpet

The cast before the movie
Chilli Chocolate Chefs provided the eats
Chilli Chocolate Chefs specialize in catering delicious gourmet food

The Movie

It is a drama comedy, that's an entertaining watch for the whole family (The age restriction is 13). 3 Days To Go follows 4 siblings who reunite for their fathers funeral and have to spend 3 days today until they can get throw his ashes into the ocean.

I was hesitant at first because typical local "Indian" films involve average acting, bad accents and dry humor (Sorry not sorry). It's a terrible stereotype to have but 3 Day To Go definitely proved me wrong.

Firstly, it isn't really an "Indian" movie. It's something that everyone, regardless of race, should be able to relate to. The cast didn't overdo accents or try to fulfill stereotypes, instead they portrayed a more accurate representation of just about any family. The cast were outstanding and it was clear that the director and crew went above and beyond. 

The storyline was everything. As weird as that sounds, it makes sense; it was funny, relatable, and also touched on some really deep issues in society (And issues that members of every family experience). 

The story takes lots of twists and turns and you get to see relationships build as well as break apart. The progression of the story is beautiful and all in all you'll walk out of that cinema feeling a sense of pride and belonging.

Catch it in cinemas from 25 January. I know I'll be taking my whole family with to see it again!

The cast includedLeeanda Reddy, Lillette Dubey, Jailoshini Naidoo, Kajal Bagwandeen, Rahul Brijnath, Jonathan Boyton-Lee, Ashish Gangapersad, Tumi Morake, Zakeeya Patel, Pranesh Maharaj, Ruben Naidoo, Kiara Govender

The movie was directed by Bianca Isaac and produced by Gregory Mthanji

Watch the trailer below.

More pictures from the red carpet

Director Bianca Isaac and producer Gregory Mthanji

Leeandra Reddy

Jailoshini Naidoo

Lillette Dubey

Kajal Bagwandeen


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