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With the New Year, New Me mindset wearing off it's time to go back to doing what we do best - binge watching series and movies on Netflix! It's actually the best time to do it considering the academic year has barely started, and most of us have some free time on our hands before things get crazy.

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Because I'm busy throughout the week, I try to space my weekend out by going to events/creating content non-stop on either Saturday or Sunday and spending the remaining day binge-watching series and movies all day and doing all the #selfcare things

In this list of What To Binge Watch On Netflix in 2019, I've included something for everyone and tried to only include things I've watched in the past 2 months (Yeah, yeah I watched way too much in December!). All these movies/series are available on Netflix South Africa at the time of writing this. I also tried to mostly include Netflix Originals.

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Okay so countless memes have been make inspired by this movie so I'm sure you came across it at one point or another. The movie involves a decimating force destroying the population - if you look at it, you kill yourself. A group of survivors try to save themselves by going blindfolded. I watched it the day after it was released (Because my dad said I HAD TO see it) and it didn't disappoint. It kept me at the edge of my seat (Which isn't always the best thing because #anxiety). It builds suspense so well, better than most movies. It is also quite scary, especially for someone like me who doesn't like scary movies. All in all, even if just to understand the memes, it's worth watching.


Birdbox on Netflix South Africa


This movie is actually brilliant. It's about a successful woman who has a seemingly perfect life but ends up going on her own journey of self discovery and questions the "perfect illusion" she's created in her life. Eventually she realizes that she's living the life she thought she was supposed to live and not the life she really wanted to live. It's interesting how the character grows and to be taken on her journey. This move is perfect for a solo wine and netflix night.


Nappily Ever After on Netflix


I'm 99% sure you've already seen this because hasn't everyone? I won't even lie, I've watched this movie at least 7 times last year (Every single time with different people) and will probably watch it another 10 times this year. High school junior, Lara-Jean's, secret love letters make their way into the world and wreck havoc on her love life. Cheesy, teenage chick flick - you honestly can't go wrong with it. And of course Noah Centineo, who plays Peter, is another reason I have to keep watching this (Can he get any cuter?!). This is perfect for a girls night.

ALSO WATCH: SIERRA BURGESS IS A LOSER (I actually enjoyed this even more than To All The Boys!), KISSING BOOTH, 13 REASONS WHY, WHEN WE FIRST MET 

To All The Boys I Loved Before poster



This is a new Netflix series that was recommended to me "Because You Watched Gone Girl" so of course I had to see it. Another reason was the cast, starring Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl) and Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars), I couldn't resist. The plot involves a bookstore manager who becomes obsessed with an aspiring female writer. He uses social media, the internet and any other tool at his disposal to get close to her and removes every obstacle - even people - that get in his way. Now, I have a mixed review for this one. Don't get me wrong the psychological aspects of this kept me watching (I like a messed up character as much as the next girl) and the "stalking tactics" that heavily involved social media were really interesting. But it lost the plot for me with the big murder in episode 6. Up until episode 6, I feel like the storyline was more defined but by then the emphasis was less on his creepy stalker vibes and could no longer keep my attention. Apparently episode 10 (The final episode in season 1) has a big reveal so we'll see if I get past episode 9 to find out.

ALSO WATCH: GONE GIRL (Read the book as well - loved this!), BATES MOTEL (Okay so this show gets seriously messed up on so many levels)
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I watched this over the Halloween weekend and was ecstatic when they released the special holiday episode. I loved Sabrina The Teenage Witch growing up - books, series, merch, you name it. In this series, 16 year old Sabrina has to figure out how to balance her half-witch, half-mortal nature. First things first, this is nothing like good ol' Sabrina from back in the day. This is much darker and scarier.  Like seriously, waaaaay darker (To give you an idea, the catch phrase characters usually use is "Praise Satan"). For someone who doesn't like that, they'd surely get offended by this series. However, if you're a bit more open minded, this is actually a really entertaining show. Although, I must admit, Kiernan Shipka's performance (As Sabrina) isn't entirely convincing and I think I would have rather seen someone else in that role. Anywho, can't wait for season 2!

ALSO WATCH: STRANGER THINGS (I can't wait for season 3 which comes out later this year)

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I grew up watching the movie so since season one my family and I have been hooked on it. Each time a new season comes out, we binge watch it in the first week. Season 3 recently came out and of course we watched that too. Just like the movie, the series follows the Baudelaire children after the death of their parents. They are sent to live with a range of strange relatives and uncover secrets about their parents past while being pursued by Count Olaf. The series is entertaining, funny and all kinds of ingenious

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I probably watched this about a year ago but I have to mention it because it still hasn't gone mainstream popular. This series is amazing! It's all women cast, of which every girl should find someone they can relate to, will have you laughing until your tummy hurts. I found this so insanely relatable yet also bizarre. Have you ever felt like a few extra thousand bucks is all you need to solve your troubles? The opportunity arises for a group of women to ease their financials burdens by robbing a grocery store, so of course they seize the opportunity. It's such quite a unique storyline and ends up being the perfect #girlpower kinda series. I can't wait for season 2 to come out in March!

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The Fyre festival took the social media world by storm in early 2017 and I only vaguely remember it - a big party hyped up by the world's most famous influencers like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid, only for it to be a complete fail.  This documentary follows the story of the festivals founders Billy McFarland and Ja Rule as they plan and execute the Fyre Festival on an island in the Bahamas. What I found most interesting about this was the way they incorporated influencer marketing to create buzz for the festival, how that tactic worked (It was sold out in just a few hours) and how they made a complete mess of every single aspect of the logistics for the actual festival. In other words you can say, it was entertaining watching them find so many ways to fail

ALSO WATCH: FOLLOW ME (A documentary about a guy trying to understand the instagram and influencer space - very entertaining), 
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If you're even vaguely interested in business, this reality series is a must. It's also very similar to Dragon's Den. Budding entrepreneurs pitch their businesses/business idea's to a panel of self-made billionaires, hoping one (or more) of them will invest their money in it. You come across some really strange and interesting business ideas and get some insight into what entrepreneurs have to go through trying to get investments. While it's obviously dramatized for tv, you still get some insight into business. 

Sharktank Series Poster with Mr Wonderful Kevin O'leary

TIDING UP WITH MARIE KONDO - Can you tell I don't like cleaning up? Tbh this series is so popular right now so I might give it another try.
THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE - This is super creepy and I didn't find the storyline interesting enough.

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