Thursday 28 February 2019


More often than not, the world passes us by. Be it because we’re caught up in reaching the next deadline or because we are simply too tired to notice, but some days just go by. We can’t account for what we’ve done nor can we fathom a memory that is worthwhile to speak about. Although sad, it's not uncommon. That's why, when you live life, you need to make sure you are living it for yourself and for those dependent on you. 

I’ve partnered with Uber Eats for a few months now, and I’ve had the privilege of experiencing how to use this to fit my lifestyle. Suffice to say, no matter the occasion, Uber Eats is able to cater for it ideally. However, I was none the wiser when I read about a delivery-partner giveback the brand had done. I contacted the team I work with, and I was utterly surprised by how much Uber Eats has done behind the scenes

Piquing my interest in the brand, I began doing some research. I learnt that delivery-partners (the people you may notice with green jackets on bikes, delivering our orders) are covered while on the road, providing them with some extra piece of mind. For me personally, I must commend Uber Eats, for raising the bar.

On this, a few of the top-rated delivery-partners were presented with a stunning gift. A small way to say ‘thank you’ for going the extra mile to ensure that our food arrives warm and on time. I’ve prided myself on partnering with brands and companies that mean something more, and who do more for the community. Purposeful living is a theme for me this year, and trying to find purpose in everything that I have done has been rewarding in itself. 

It’s difficult in the industry of social media to find sincerity and not just curated content. I commend brands that do this unashamedly and understand that giving back, appreciating and celebrating with the community at large, isn’t only for status but for a purpose.

As humans, we have much to give to others and we also have much to learn from others. It’s time we opened up to that possibility, or rather opportunity and grow together. It starts with you, it starts with me and it starts with us. 

If a company like Uber Eats understands that giving back and tokens of appreciation are so vital, why can't we all do our part?

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