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A skincare range that is tailored to your age instead of skin type? This really intrigued me! A new skincare range in South Africa by professional skincare brand Nimue, AgeWell is their retail arm which can be found in Foschini stores and purchased online on their website.

Agewell, best affordable skin care products south africa

I was sent the full range for review at the end of last year when it launched and slowly started incorporating it into my skincare routine.

AgeWell is truly revolutionary in its age-specific formulations and multi-purpose nature of their products. The AgeWell Proactive range is for 20-somethings and aims to preserve your youthful skin (Yay! #forever21). The Pause for 30-somethings range aims to protect our skin and pauses premature wrinkles. The Restore range is for the 40+ age range and helps restore the skins structure to age healthily and elegantly. All the ranges shield skin against pollutants, enhance radiance, reduce breakouts, refine pores, firm and prevent fine lines.

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dermatologist recommended skin care products south africa

I use the Proactive range since I'm in my early 20s. Just to give you some background into my skin type - I have sensitive, combination skin. I tend to get bad reactions to products from time to time and my skin is oily in summer and quite dry in winter or if I'm in a drier climate.

Review of AgeWell Proactive

The product I was most surprised by is the TONER. Toners are mainly used by people with oily skin and they provide extra cleansing as well as shrink your pores and moisturize your skin. I don't usually use a toner; the last time I used one was probably when I was still in high school. What I loved most about this toner is that it's a spray! I've never used a spray toner before (Usually used the ones you apply with a cotton pad) and I find the spray so much better! It really does refresh my skin and I find the AgeWell toner to be less harsh than the toners I've used growing up. I have sensitive skin and I haven't had a problem with the AgeWell toner. The AgeWell Proactive toner is also alcohol-free.

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The REVITALIZING SERUM is my favourite from the whole range. You use it after cleansing (And toning) and before using moisturizer. I feel the most difference in my skin from using this. It's an intensive face serum that firms, improves elasticity and accelerates rejuvenation. After hearing this description, I automatically thought anti-age and wasn't sure why they would include something like this in a range meant for 20-somethings. But it actually gives my skin so much extra TLC (Although, I'm a bit weird in that I like anti-age products because they make my skin feel so renewed and amazing - kinda like a baby!).

The 360 EYE ENHANCER is a good introduction to eye creams for first timers. I for one have always used eye creams because I wear contact lenses so my under eyes deserve a little extra care. The eye cream reduces fine lines, diminishes dark circles and reduces puffiness. 

The PROACTIVE DAY CREAM and PROACTIVE NIGHT CREAM really do suit any skin type (Which I was hesitant about at first). They don't make your skin oily but still somehow keep it moisturized. I feel like it was very daring for Nimue to create a range that doesn't differentiate between oily and dry skin but the day and night creams show they've done justice. I like my skin to feel extra hydrated and using the revitalizing serum combined with the day/night cream suits me perfectly.

best face products in south africa by AgeWell

(I haven't actually used the Dual Action Cleanser yet but I will add a review on that when I do!)

IN CONCLUSION: The AgeWell range is a great addition to my skin care routine and I'll definitely be adding some of the products to my skincare routine - specifically the revitalizing serum and toner. 

You can purchase AgeWell products from Foschini and their website and I'll leave their prices below.

360 EYE ENHANCER 15ML - R420

Agewell proactive skin care south africa


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