Monday 3 April 2023


Inspired by the plethora of unique and mouth-watering street food offerings that Moo Moo showcases on their menu; Jimmy Eracleous, Owner of the Moo Moo Branch in Mall of Africa and Moo Moo Menlyn put together an exclusive Street Food & Wine tasting event for a me and a few other bloggers that not only introduced us to the Moo Moo brand, but offered us a taste of the Moo Moo magic by taking us on a culinary journey of tastes, flavours, aromas and essence.

With the aim of tapping into the Moo Moo culture and spirit of their steakhouse, Jimmys vision was to showcase the food in such a manner that also adopted some European flair and incorporated how the international food lovers serve and enjoy street food. 

If you're a true foodie then you will have heard of the restaurant chain called, Moo Moo, which aims to fill the 'meat-lover's gap' in more ways than one.

The Moo Moo concept was brought to life by three restauranteurs who were bored by the current meat market” that surrounded them. Stiff, pretentious and overtly masculine was how they perceive it. 


The gap in the market was too obvious to ignore. So, they teamed up with some of the best designers and branding minds that South Africa had to offer. Together they developed a concept that would break the mould and change the face of the steakhouse, and bring about a new fresh take on dining out.


Their quirky personality is reflected in everything from the overtly tongue-in-cheek humour to the various touches like MooGazine menus, cows Mooing in the 'Outhouse' toilets & grass on the tables. The stores are modern & trendy without being presumptuous or too serious – that's the Moo Moo promise!


We South Africans love meat and therefore, the Moo Moo Menu is targeted to satisfy the good ol’ South African palette. Moo Moo offers a great quality product in a trendy, yet casual setting, says Jimmy.


When it comes to the Moo Moo brand itself, they pride themselves on great service, quality food and offering fine South African wines, which is why teaming up with some of the best brands on the day was of the utmost importance in order to offer the invited guests the full experience”. 


Moo Moo HQ has made a significant investment in our own butchery where all the meat is carefully sourced and matured for the Moo Moo stores exclusivelyThis is also where our famous burger patties are made using only the best ingredients available to create a juicy, flavourful Pattie. says Liz Keramianakis, Franchisor of the Moo Moo Brand.


Hosted by Saraé Randles (Beauty & Style Influencer) guests were treated to a set menu, specially curated by Franchisee Owner, Jimmy Eracleous, which served various items off the Moo Moo Menu that had been carefully selected and paired with Durbanvillle Hills wine for Winetails to compliment the taste and complexity of flavoursCape Wine Master, Chris de Klerk, took to the floor as he presented each of the paired drinks, delving into the details of why they made for the perfect accompaniment. The dessert was paired with the new Amarula Ethiopian Coffee, which was the perfect way to end off the day.


No plate or drink was left untouched … 



·      All wines on the menu are sold by the glass, and the price of 4 glasses is the same as the price of a bottle (they are the first restaurant to do this). This gives people the opportunity to try a variety of different wines or to enjoy a glass their favourite wine without having to commit to a whole bottle.  

·      Whine hour between 4:30 and 5:30 everyday - for every glass of wine ordered, the customer receives a complimentary glass from us (T&C’s apply). Meet & Whine while enjoying your meat & wine at the end of the day.

·      All our sides are sold separately and this is not a trap but rather a nice option to allow the customer to tailor their meal to suit their taste buds as well as to accommodate their pocket.

·      Reservations can be made online on their website -

·      Each store boasts an incredible interactive Wall of Wine to encourage people to get out of their seats and browse around the ever-changing wines that are not listed on the extensive Whine List.

·      Their stores have an ‘Out-House’ for a toilet complete with cows Mooing happily in the distance. Discreet odds and ends around every corner designed to bring a smile to your face.

·      They present their customers with MooGazine menus so that everyone feels like you’re casually flipping through the pages of a magazine.


There are many aspects that will draw customers to Moo Moo. Meat and Wine or Meet and Whine, or both!


For more info, visit

Visit Moo Moo Mall of Africa at - Town Square, Mall of Africa Magwa &, Lone Creek Cres, Waterval City, Midrand, 1686


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