Tuesday 17 September 2019


Saturday night is curry night at Vasco's restaurant in the Hilton Hotel Durban with their Curry Cup buffet. Is there any other food you'd want to dig into on a Saturday in a city known for its rich Indian cuisine? I think not ;)


The restaurant is located in the Hilton Hotel Durban, a basically landmark that you can't miss. The hotel itself is beautiful and upmarket, leaving you feeling right at home from the moment you walk in. To get to the restaurant you take the lift up to floor R leading you right to the entrance of Vascos


The restaurant has a colourful and African-inspired look with lots of oranges, yellows and greens. I would say you can get away with a casual jeans and t-shirt but most people there were quite dressed up, with there being big groups for lots of birthday celebrations happening. Throughout the meal Bollywood music played in the background setting the mood.

The Food

I'm not going to go into too much detail for each individual dish because not every night is the same and each week has different options but hopefully I get simply give you a feel of what to expect.

We were welcomed with a Bombay Crush, a creamy milkshake-like drink, that's a favourite among South African Indians. At first I was confused as to why they'd give us a dessert drink before a meal but their Bombay Crush wasn't very sweet and actually started the dinner off well.

There wasn't the biggest selection of food however more attention seemed to have been paid to each individual dish leaving a selection that prioritised quality over quantity, something not very common when it comes to buffets. 

Another thing I was impressed with was that they followed the theme well and didn't offer the typical buffet options - like the generic options you get at pretty much every buffet. 

I wanted to try a little bit of everything and while I was too full before I could - I did try most of the main dishes

As a starter I found the options to be slightly limited. I did see a lentil soup however I didn't come across any other light starter options so I went straight to mains.

The chicken and mutton curry were absolutely amazing - they were quite hot, even for someone who is used to hot food. And they also didn't compromise on the spiciness. I had to go for seconds! They also had sambals and chapatti to go with it.

I'm glad there was the option of biryani, even if it was a veg biryani. I had it with dhall and some of the chicken curry which went well together.  

There was also a stir fry station and a delicious arabiatta pasta. Pasta is my weakness and their pasta was extra cheesy and creamy which I loved!

Some of the other options included a mouthwatering tandoori chicken, hake and roast lamb. I had the roast lamb with a range of salads - beetroot, potato and tuna salad. After the heavier curry options it was incredibly satisfying to have something a bit lighter and the salad took away some of the guilt of indulging!

For dessert you're spoilt for choice. Starting with Sago pudding, a traditional South African option, a sweet tapioca pudding. Apart from that some of the other options included pavlova (Which I found to be the most delicious ever! If you're someone who likes meringue in general, you'll love their Pavlova), fudge chocolate cupcakes, custard mini tarts, fruit salad (For if you're feeling guilty after all the delicious food you binged) and best of all was a peanut butter dessert that I can't remember the name of - but it was so good and I ended off the nights feast with it. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be back on a Saturday to enjoy Curry Cup night at Vasco's Hilton Durban again.


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