22 November marked a momentous occasion as the Nelson Mandela Cruise Terminal was officially inaugurated, paving the way for a new era of luxury cruising in South Africa. MSC Cruises is thrilled to announce the grand entrance of MSC Splendida, set to make its maiden call to the country and embark on its first cruise of the season tomorrow, November 24, 2023.

The R330 million Nelson Mandela Cruise Terminal in South Africa’s main port of Durban today was officially inaugurated by President Cyril Ramaphosa ahead of the start of South Africa’s 2023-24 cruise season.

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SEVEN Villa Hotel & Spa is the ultimate inner city retreat located in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. Just a short 15 minute drive from me, it proved to be the perfect staycation and while it's literally just around the corner, it felt more like a getaway tucked away in nature. With beautiful sculptures around ever corner and a black and gold "old money yet modern" aesthetic, it's the perfect spoil for a birthday or anniversary stay.

Here are some great winter specials offered at prominent, independent hotels and top establishments of Cape Country Routes around the country.

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Are you ready for an adventure? The new Next-Gen Ford Ranger Raptor is here and it's ready to take you on a wild ride through the breathtaking landscapes of South Africa. From rugged mountains to sandy beaches, this tough vehicle is the perfect vehicle for your road trip.

  • MSC Cruises’ April to November international cruise season offers incredible choice with 22 ships, offering 140 destinations, 40 countries and more than 50 embarkation ports

  • Itineraries span the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Caribbean and Japan

  • 3 ships deployed in the Caribbean with New York City as new embarkation port, all calling at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

  • More ships than ever in Eastern Mediterranean with enriched itineraries and increased capacity on 7-night cruises to the Greek Islands, Turkey and Israel

Rovos Rail is a luxurious train company that offers scenic trips through some of South Africa's most beautiful landscapes. With its elegant decor and exceptional service, Rovos Rail is an experience like no other. And now, South Africans have the opportunity to experience it at a discounted price.

Rovos Rail is offering a 50% discount on selected journeys if you have residency in the following countries South Africa, eSwatini, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. This is a fantastic opportunity for locals to explore their own country in style and comfort.

To take advantage of this offer, South Africans will need to provide a valid ID or passport. The discount is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and some terms and conditions apply.

Rovos Rail is known for its exceptional service, gourmet cuisine, and elegant decor. Each journey is a unique experience, with opportunities to see wildlife, visit historic sites, and explore beautiful landscapes. And with this 50% discount, South Africans can now experience it at a more affordable price.

Dates & Rates: 

🌴 Pretoria to Durban 🌴
14-16 April 

🌴 Durban to Pretoria 🌴
17-19 April 

Pullman R14 350 per person sharing
Deluxe R21 400 per person sharing 
(Royal suite on request)

⛰️Pretoria to Cape Town ⛰️
2-5 June 

⛰️Cape Town to Pretoria ⛰️
22-25 April 
5-8 June 

Pullman R15 850 per person sharing 
Deluxe R22 900 per person sharing 
(Royal suite on request) 

🇿🇼 Victoria Falls to Pretoria 🇿🇼
5-8 March 
14-17 March 
26-29 March 
25-28 April 

Pullman R19 800 per person sharing 
Deluxe R29 800 per person sharing 
(Royal suite on request)

INCLUDES Accommodation; all meals and beverages on board; off-train excursions; room service; limited laundry and govt tax. 

EXCLUDES Pre- and post-tour accommodation, flights and transfers; travel insurance; visas; gratuities; international sparkling 
wine and personal expenses. 

T&C apply

+27 (0) 12 315 8242 • reservations@rovos.co.za 

If you're a South African looking for a unique way to explore your own country, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Book now to take advantage of this offer and experience the magic of Rovos Rail for yourself.

Myriad leisure activities along the Mtamvuna River at Wild Coast Sun

Wild Coast Sun is Sun International’s only beachfront resort, which means an abundance of water-based activities – from rides at the Wild Waves Water Park to the hotel swimming pools – as well as on, and in, the Mtamvuna River.

Located on the South Coast with its endless summer temperatures, Wild Coast Sun guests are spoilt for choice all year round, making it the ideal place for family getaways.

Whether you prefer your activities fast or slow, there is something for everyone, from canoeing to kayaking, sit-down to stand-up paddle boats, speedboats to lazy boat cruises, and much more.  

Take to the water and paddle up and down the Mtamvuna River in your own canoe or a rented one – you can go solo or couple up. Alternatively, kayaking is a popular favourite, and for adventure seekers, there are guided tours along the banks of the Umtamvuna Nature Reserve. The scenic excursion is something you won’t forget.

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What’s the difference between a canoe and a kayak?

When canoeing you use a paddle with a blade at one end, while kayaking entails using a double ended paddle. Canoes are open in design while kayaks are more closed to the elements.


Experience an eco-adventure aboard a speedboat and explore the unspoilt coastline of the Mtavuna river that forms the border between KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape provinces, with the sea air and wind on your face. Jump aboard with an experienced skipper for tube rides and water skiing too.

wild coast sun, eastern cape, KwaZulu-Natal, wild waves, Port Shepstone, kzn south coast, wild coast sun review

“Walk on water” and find out why stand-up paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing water sports. Paddleboarders stand on boards floating on the water and use a paddle to propel themselves forward, providing an extensive workout range, from upper body training to leg work and core strength building. 

Take in a lazy afternoon on a sit-down paddle boat on the scenic Mtamvuna River. Easy to do, each paddle boat can comfortably take two adults and two children and is a safe, family friendly activity. Also, lots of fun (and inexpensive) for friends or couples. 

wild coast sun, eastern cape, KwaZulu-Natal, wild waves, Port Shepstone, kzn south coast, wild coast sun review

The best way to end a day of exhilarating water sport fun is to jump on a boat cruise that gently navigates up the river. Soak up nature around you with a cool breeze against your face and a cocktail or beverage in hand while you take in a glorious sunset. The cruise is between 45-minutes and an hour, which takes you up the beautiful Umtamvuna Nature Reserve. You can choose between a public or private cruise.

Fishermen can leisurely cast out their lines in the hopes of reeling in bronze bream, rock cod, and other fish. Guests can rent rods or are welcome to bring their own.

Activities are booked at the Riverside Aqua Sports Beach Bar, on 083 662 9096 or info@the-riverside.co.za. The activity pricelist is available on the website -  www.the-riverside.co.za.

wild coast sun, eastern cape, KwaZulu-Natal, wild waves, Port Shepstone, kzn south coast, wild coast sun review

The Riverside Aqua Sports Beach Bar is the hub for all the resort’s riverside activities, but also provides water sport enthusiasts with a vibey place to relax with a view. The hip bartenders handcraft classic cocktails, and the mouth-watering, savoury menu is simple but will sate your appetite built up over the course of the day – tuck into burgers, boerewors rolls, hot dogs, and bacon and eggs rolls. They also offer a ‘bring and braai’ facility for families and friends to chill alongside the riverbed. 

wild coast sun, eastern cape, KwaZulu-Natal, wild waves, Port Shepstone, kzn south coast, wild coast sun review

During peak season, the bar is open Sunday to Friday between 09h00 and 18h00 and Saturdays, 09h00 and 20h00. 

The braai facility is for guest convenience with a surcharge fee per stand or group. No outside cold drinks or alcohol are permitted as they are a fully licensed establishment.

Being extremely passionate about the tourism industry in South Africa, it's always great seeing local businesses play a part in building a world class hospitality sector. A business I've recently come across that's making waves in the industry is PMP Germ Guard, a chemical manufacturer that supplies cleaning and hygiene products for the hospitality and tourism sector. 

PMP Germ Guard, hand sanitiser, South African tourism, hand sanitiser in South Africa, tourism in South Africa


The PMP Germ Guard was established in 2020 with the intention of developing a tourism sector that is health-responsive and gives customers the assurance they would be safe wherever they travel

The Founder and current CEO Ravi Naidoo and his wife Pam Naidoo launched PMP Germ Guard in 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 lockdown, because they couldn't think of anything better when discussing the return of tourism other than health related issues and visitor safety measures.

NevrodSai Acctax Solutions, the Accounting & Tax Practice of the NEVROD GROUP got an exemption to open offices, but had to cleanse the office using 70% Alcohol Sanitizer and Antibacterial Surface spray. It was upon the utilization of hand sanitizers and antibacterial surface spray that the pair looked at venturing into the Tourism space and becoming suppliers to the industry in line with the Tourism and Hospitality standard protocols for Covid-19 operations.

PMP Germ Guard, hand sanitiser, South African tourism, hand sanitiser in South Africa, tourism in South Africa

This article highlights initiatives that successfully promote cooperation and health precautions to create a secure and long-lasting tourism sector. The write-up describes the significance of PMP Germ Guard, a business that developed out of worries about the demise of the tourism industry with the introduction of Covid-19, producing not only sanitary products but also making a significant contribution to the new, responsible tourism.

In an article titled "Sustainable development goals and socio-economic development through tourism in Central Africa," Kimbu and Tichaawa (2018) describe the tourism industry as one that runs entirely on goals that seek to meet the requirements of the global sustainable development goals, which means that for tourism to be successful, its objectives must be in line with the Sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Which is essentially where PMP Germ Guard comes into play. Health and safety is one of the SDGs that the entire world must work together to achieve, and PMP plays a crucial role in this. Aiming to inspire consumer motivation toward the new tourism practices that focus on maintaining a healthy and germ-free trip and stay, PMP germ guard was founded to allay traveler anxieties and develop products.

The new tourism sector standards urge the use of hygienic measures to reduce traveler worries while choosing their chosen places, notably lodging facilities. The tourism business is the one that must adjust the fastest to the new rules and standards of Practice after Covid-19 in a world that still exhibits signs of the virus.

By promoting hygienic procedures for the protection of consumers and by helping SMMEs build a platform to use health and safety assurances to drive demand for their travel enterprises, PMP Germ Guard is supporting the practice of "responsible tourism" in the tourism industry. Since tourism is a consumer market, attempts to stop the virus' transmission as well as to make it simpler to choose between enterprises that provide health services and tourism should be taken into account.

Instead of focusing on the safety of those working in the service industry, PMP products emphasizes actions that preserve the experience and comfort of the consumer.

PMP Germ Guard, hand sanitiser, South African tourism, hand sanitiser in South Africa, tourism in South Africa

The PMP Germ Guard was established in 2020 with the intention of developing a tourism sector that is health-responsive and gives customers the assurance they would be safe wherever they travel. The company initially provided 50ml bottles of hand sanitizers branded with the name of the lodging establishment in accordance with Section 15.7 of the tourism protocols of October 2020. Since then, the company has added three additional products to further improve the health and safety of travelers and visitors in the lodging sectors.

So far the business has a presence in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Western Cape, KZN & Free State and will shortly be in the North West and Northern Cape.

PMP Germ Guard, hand sanitiser, South African tourism, hand sanitiser in South Africa, tourism in South Africa

The goal is to illustrate responsible tourism environments; unless a particular company employs a service-driven approach to guaranteeing customer safety alertness, to enhance confidence, individuals will always find issues in their surroundings.

Managing the effects of COVID-19 and developing a product that reassures customers of the safety precautions taken to allow a healthy and safe travel experience and stay at their reserved lodging facilities.

People vary, and to some extent, some put more effort into adhering to fundamental health criteria, particularly in settings with many people. For others, health information needs to be spread so they may better take care of themselves. The PMP goods are made to encourage people's health concerns in addition to helping people keep a safe distance from other people to foster safe tourism surroundings.

Through strategic partnerships and engagement with industry stakeholders, PMP Germ Guard hopes to play a significant part in the tourism sector's increased contribution to health measures while implementing consumer satisfaction interventions in business operations. This goal is accomplished by providing the sector with PMP Germ Guard travel packs.

PMP Germ Guard, hand sanitiser, South African tourism, hand sanitiser in South Africa, tourism in South Africa

Qatar Airways, the Official Airline Partner of FIFA, concluded its FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ journey in style, presenting the medals and individual awards to Argentina after their historic 4-2 victory on penalties over 2018 champions, France. Following a thrilling month of non-stop action and entertainment, the airline operated nearly 14,000 flights, uniting the world in Qatar for the greatest sporting show on Earth.

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The scenery in the Cape Province is drenched in natural beauty. As a result, rather than being a means to an end, our roads have become destinations in their own right. 

These are the top five places that should be on your road trip bucket list to visit on your next road trip to the Cape Province, according to motus.cars.

Cape Town road trip, South Africa road trip

MSC Cruises recently opened sales for its 2023-24 sailing season featuring its most modern ship to serve South Africa, MSC Splendida.

Msc cruises, msc cruises durban, msc cruises south africa, cruise, cruises

The 14-deck passenger vessel can accommodate up to 4,363 passengers and features for the first time in South Africa, the MSC Yacht Cluba premium ‘ship within a ship’ concept with 71 spacious suites, a dedicated concierge desk, 24-hour butler service, private restaurant, swimming pool and sunbathing area.

MSC Splendida will be based from November 2023 in the port of Durban and offer a range of voyages that last between 3 and 14 nights to Namibia, Mozambique and other Indian Ocean destinations. MSC Cruises will in total operate 35 sailings of MSC Splendida from both Durban and Cape Town during 2023-24.

Msc cruises, msc cruises durban, msc cruises south africa, cruise, cruises

Ross Volk, Managing Director, MSC Cruises South Africa said, “MSC Splendida will take cruising in South Africa to the next level and redefine holidays at sea. It will give our guests of all ages an incredible opportunity to indulge in wonderful, enjoyable and memorable experiences.

“This further demonstrates our commitment to the South African tourism sector and MSC Cruises’ aim to drive both the tourism industry and the cruising sector with a resultant positive economic impact to the country.

“The ship will be staffed by nearly 1,400 crew, who look forward to giving our guests the experience of a lifetime, many of whom will be sourced and trained locally through the Shosholoza Academy in Durban.

Msc cruises, msc cruises durban, msc cruises south africa, cruise, cruises

MSC Splendida has a range of themed bars and dining venues including specialty Mediterranean and American steak house restaurantsThe ship also has four swimming pools, The Strand Theatre for nighttime entertainment, Club 33 nightclub, an ultramodern gym, squash court and running track.

For more information on MSC Cruises, visit www.msccruises.co.za.

This weekend I had the pleasure of staying at the Fairway Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort at the Randpark Golf Course in Johannesburg. This hidden gem comes as a complete surprise as it's tucked away in the residential suburb of Randpark Ridge. It's a piece of luxury and escape in a peaceful area.

Who would have thought our 2020 New Year's resolution of travel would be limited to walks in the backyard and trips to Woolworths. No tropical nights in Bali or the Contiki we've been saving up for. Not even that long weekend trip to Cape Town seemed realistic a couple months ago (And for the most part, doesn't even feel realistic now, 6 months into lockdown!) 

As featured on the prestigious lifestyle TV series Top Billing, Antbear Eco lodge truly lives up to its expectations!

When you think of touristy things to do in Cape Town, there's no doubt that Table Mountain dominates that list. The list of people who've been to Cape Town and people who've been up to Table Mountain is pretty much mutually exclusive right? While the actual mountain is what we consider synonymous with Table Mountain Nation Park, the Good Hope also falls under Table Mountain National Park. And within the Good Hope is where you'll find the Cape Point Nature Reserve. 

Waking up to the sound of birds chirping faintly in the background. You've just had the most relaxing sleep on a gigantic king size bed, lying on a cozy electric blanket. You get up, freshen up in the en suite bathroom then make your way to the lounge area of the cottage. You go straight for the curtain that covers the huge glass doors to the patio. Unlike any other patio, yours comprises of a cute little wooden stoep surrounded by a brimming dam. In the distance you see a picture picture backdrop of trees, some covered in sparse autumn leaves and some as green as emeralds. As you open the glass door you feel the midlands chill - first the cold hits your lips then your nose then your whole body. But the cold fresh air makes you feel alive. 

Looking for accommodation in Johannesburg? The Capital Melrose is part of The Capital Hotels and Apartments group and is located next to the Melrose Arch precinct in Johannesburg. The hotel only recently opened on 1 May 2019.

I stayed in the 1 bedroom apartment at the Capital Melrose recently and here’s everything you need to know about the hotel.

I started the South Africa Small Towns Holiday Guide Series as a way to show off the best small town getaways in SA. Too often people focus on the big cities for holidays and don't take advantage of the amazing small towns. 

I've discovered some hidden gems all around the country, all near major cities, which make them perfect for day trips or long weekend getaways. 

To start off the series I have a Midlands Meander Travel Guide, Hartebeespoort Travel Guide and KZN South Coast Travel Guide. Next on the agenda is possibly a Stellenbosch Travel Guide and Clarens Travel Guide so let me know if you enjoy this series!

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