Thursday 23 February 2023

Off-season travel – the seasoned traveller’s trick

The month of love has ended mara you are still in the dog box for not gifting the perfect gift. Shame! No need to worry because as always Sho’t Left has got your back and is giving you the opportunity to make things right with the perfect gift experience.

The start of February signals the start of a sensational off-peak travel period. With affordability and accessibility topping the list of challenges inhibiting South Africans from getting out of the house more, if you are in the dog box off-peak travel might just be the best way make to things right with bae.

Off-peak travel is a term used to describe slower travel seasons. This traveller’s trick is a wonderful way to enjoy more affordable rates and fewer crowds to make sure your partner gets the undivided attention they need to make them feel extra special.

If you are not bound to the conventional holiday period, consider visiting your bucket-list destinations during the low traction season. We know January is never kind to our pockets and not to mention February with its money-wrapped rose bouquet expectations, so try travelling in March to enjoy more affordable rates. The summer is still just as hot and tempting during these months – also imagine the unlimited accessibility to experiences and venues following the December and new year craze.

Let Sho’t Left help you get out of the dog box by inspiring you to finally go on that lifetime experience with a lot more benefits during the off-peak travelling season.  

Fewer queues

Long queues often tend to rain on our parades, but thankfully during off-peak periods, there are fewer queues. In January specifically, schools and offices have reopened, and there are fewer people at tourist attractions. Therefore, you can avoid queuing then.

More bang for your buck

During off-peak season, prices on accommodation, flights, activities, tourist attractions and even food spots offer deals and discounts to attract more consumers. Whether you want to indulge in a luxury escape or a budget-friendly break, the off-peak season is an opportune time to book an affordable and accessible getaway.

The more, the merrier

Another way to get more bang for your buck is by travelling with your squad. Doing fun activities and exploring Mzansi in a large group reduces costs as you can split costs like accommodation, transport, and food. Travelling in a group also ensures you have good company throughout the trip, and you can make unforgettable memories with your chommies. This trick will defiantly help save you some coins! 

Fewer crowds

It is difficult to feel special and cared for when surrounded by big crowds, especially at tourist attractions and restaurants. Fewer people are out and about during off-peak seasons, allowing for a more peaceful experience and better service.

More interaction with locals

Locals are always more accommodating especially when fewer people are around because they have more time to interact. Restaurants and hotels are also more likely to exceed your expectations during off-seasons. 

Now is an excellent time to shake things up and book your holiday! Explore and experience the beauty and bliss Mzansi has to offer. Visit to book your affordable deals cause nothing’s more fun than a sho’t left.


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