Friday 2 February 2024


Embark on an unforgettable journey as MSC Cruises opens sales for its South Africa 2024/25 sailing season, spotlighting the magnificent MSC Musica. Set to commence in November 2024 from the newly inaugurated R 330 million Nelson Mandela Cruise Terminal in Durban, the season promises 34 enchanting sailings, concluding in April 2025 with departures from the picturesque Cape Town.

Cruise enthusiasts can anticipate a six-month deployment of MSC Musica, a 16-deck vessel designed for elegance, comfort, and hospitality. Boasting 1,275 guest cabins, the ship features an awe-inspiring central foyer with a three-tier waterfall and a see-through piano suspended above a shimmering water pool.

Indulge in a choice of eight indoor and two outdoor lounges and bars, savor delectable cuisine at four restaurants, and enjoy relaxation in three swimming pools. MSC Musica caters to various interests with a nightclub, boutique shops, library, game room, and dedicated areas for children of all ages. Live entertainment graces the Teatro La Scala, while a lavish spa invites guests to unwind.

Experience the beauty of Portuguese Island, Mozambique, with its warm ocean waters and leisurely walks. Discover the picturesque Pomene Island, part of the Pomene Nature Reserve, offering white sandy beaches and hidden gems. In Port Louis, Mauritius, explore a capital rich in history, featuring a beautiful promenade, Government House, and vibrant markets. Walvis Bay, Namibia, captivates with its rich marine life and offers extreme sports for adventure seekers.

Ross Volk, Managing Director of MSC Cruises South Africa, expresses the company's commitment to providing the best product and excellent service. "Our goal is to continue driving the growth of the tourism and hospitality industry in our country. We look forward to welcoming regular and new cruisers alike onboard in 2024/25."'

Embark on a journey of a lifetime with MSC Cruises as they unveil the 2024/25 South African sailing season. For a detailed look at MSC Musica's itineraries, visit and start planning your next adventure in South Africa.


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