Friday 20 October 2023

Qatar Airways’ share packing secrets: How to pack like a pro

From what to pack and how to squeeze it all in, to the benefits of roll-over folding and the 1-6 rule, Qatar Airways’ share packing secrets.


Serving more than 160 destinations around the world from its Doha hub, Hamad International Airport, Qatar Airways crew get to go lots of places, often. Here are some of their tips on practical packing.


Plan your packing

Thinking about what you pack is as important as technique. Rather than try to stuff everything from wardrobe into a suitcase, lay out all the things you think you want to take and then have an honest introspection. If you need it, pack it. If you only want it, leave it behind.


Another suggestion is to apply the 1-6 rule. This suggests one hat (sunhat or wool beanie, depending on the weather at your destination), two pairs of shoes, three bottoms, four tops, five pairs of socks and six pairs of underwear. If you’re away for longer, pack a zip-lock bag of handwashing powder, so you can do some laundry.


Apply some technique

Pack bulky clothing such as jackets flat at the bottom of the suitcase and roll-up lighter items such as T-shirts and pack these on top.


The rolling method is also handy for fitting more in. Stuffing socks into shoes and rolling toiletries into jeans all helps make the most of precious space.


Bulky footgear such as boots take up a lot of space. Consider wearing them on the flight if you’re struggling to fit everything in.


If you have to attend a business meeting or formal event, a good way to pack shirts is to do up most of the buttons and then fold the ironed shirt along the middle vertical line. Then fold in the sleeves and fold the shirt in two. The shirt comes out without needing to be ironed.

Don’t forget the essentials

Travel can get frustrating when you’re tired, hungry or have a dead phone, so always take earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones, some snacks and a travel adaptor or power bank.


See-through Ziplock bags are also useful for everything from medication to wet swim wear.

Other items to consider are lip balm for dealing with dry cabin air and if travelling somewhere chilly, a mini-hot water bottle, which can add some home comfort to even the coldest hotel room.


Some hard-earned hints

Put your name and contact details on the inside of your case as well as the outside. Labels or tags on the outside of the case can get damaged or torn off. If your case goes missing or someone accidentally takes it off the carousel a label on the inside will enable you to identify it.


If you’re putting your passport in a hotel-room safe, put it in a shoe. That way you’re less likely to leave without it.


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