One of the things I've been reflecting on a lot during this women's month is all the amazing women I've met this year - a lot of them through blogging! One of these inspirational women is Dhanusha, a beauty blogger and computer science student from Cape Town.

This week we did an exciting, unique collaboration. I wrote a post on Dhanusha's blog about My Makeup Must haves (Surprise, surprise I'm actually crazy about make up!) and she wrote a piece on Feminism. Enjoy her blog post and be sure to check out mine on her blog!

By Dhanusha Dhoorgalu

Hi there!

I am Dhanusha, from the blog Miss Dhanusha, duh. My friends call me Dee, I call myself Alien and my readers’ weirdos. This is purely because I would to see us all embrace our “weirdness” that makes us unique. I am a Beauty & Lifestyle blogger with a strong opinion on certain matters. As much as I love all things beauty I love keeping up with current affairs and making a positive impact. Today that topic is feminism. Another feminist? Yes, I don’t hate men.

When you think of politics you usually think of old, balding men and while this is (unfortunately) mostly true, there are tons of women that are proving to pack quite a punch! In celebration of Women's Day, I researched Forbes list of 100 Most Powerful Women to find the women in politics who are changing the world one election at a time.
This is another collab with my fav girl blogger Indira from Indira's Inner Beauty! Head on over to her blog to see her post. 

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a firm believer in #girlpower. With those brows on fleek and your squad by your side you have no reason not to slay. Now the brows are the easy part, all you need are ABH dip brow and the real techniques brow brush and you're good to go girl! When it comes to your squad, not so easy. As pro-women and feminist as I am, I have to admit women are pretty notorious for being the more devious, conniving and backstabbing of the sexes. And you know what the worst part is - we've like that to each other
In the month of July I've posted a total of not one but ZERO blogposts! *Queue the crickets*


I was nominated for the unique blogger award by the amazing (Gurrl you da best!). She's on this blog so much I don't think she even needs an introduction!
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