Monday 29 May 2017


Do you know what's really annoying?  Seeing pictures on instagram of all these insanely beautiful, exotic places while you're busy studying for exams.

No seriously, Yas is a place and it's paradise!

This happened to me the other day when I took a break from studying for my political science exam (I can only take so much of studying about coup d'├ętat's before I feel like causing a coup d'├ętat. Practical learning makes it more fun okay!). So I closed Instagram and googled "I'm a broke student who needs to escape studying and take instagram worthy pictures in a beautiful, exotic place" or something to that extent. The student budget life is so real but the wanderlust life is also real, bruh! Travelstart's Student Flights page came up so I figured I'd take a look. The page has some solid advice which I figured I'd share with you since I'm low key hoping someone will buy me one of these flights. Actually, their advice is so good and these flights are so cheap, you don't even need a blesser, boo.

Travelstart student flights homepage for travel tips and cheap student flights

Firstly, it gives you some tips for finding the best flight. The first time I booked a flight for myself was kind of like making a doctors appointment - that shizz is scary, I'm not ready to adult yet! It was also so overwhelming, I just couldn't deal. The Travelstart page offers some helpful advice, such as the best time to fly, to make your life so much easier.

With the recent cabinet reshuffle and credit downgrades the rand's performance has been unstable to say the least. Although it's been doing fairly decent recently (R12.87 to the dollar as of Saturday, 27 May) it's still pretty weak in comparison to other currencies, which makes international travel difficult. But we all want to be globe trotters with passports full of stamps, and what's awesome is that the Travelstart page offers some alternative destinations where travel on a student budget is possible. Hint: Madagascar is number 2!

They also explain some of the boring stuff such as booking flights without a credit card and a guide to different student visas. Now usually I ain't got time for that but they do simplify it really well which makes for a quick, informative read.

The money saving tips are pretty legit. One that I think is super important is to take a student card with you because you can often get student discounts at random places. Now I love cheap shit so of course I'm gonna do that. Also the fact that you should use skype instead of regular calling is a handy tip because I miss bae so much but facing international call rates is sooo not worth it.

They end off with tips on inexpensive ways of traveling through Europe and a bonus tip on moving into res. (My favourite and least favourite things in one sentence?!) I would love to travel to Europe so that gave me so much hope. Tbh I didn't read the tips on moving into res because I hated res, but hey if you're living that res life you do you boo.

All in all, that page is pretty lit. If you're planning what to do over winter break (Eeep, just a few more weeks!) then I think the Travelstart Student Flights page will come in handy.

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