Thursday 3 November 2022

Loxtonia LITE cider - Perfect Summer Cider

Loxtonia, the range of 100% pure apple ciders from the Ceres Valley, have launched two LITE versions of their most popular ciders – Crispy Apple and Blush – in pace with the ever-growing trend towards no and low alcohol lifestyle alternatives.

With an alcohol content of just 3% by volume, Loxtonia’s flawless LITE ciders embrace the wonders of spring, the season of rejuvenation and mindfulness, while enjoying life’s lighter pleasures. Lower alcohol also means fewer calories which is always welcome news especially as the holiday season with all its temptations approaches.

“The huge increase in the no and low drinks sector sends a clear message that people are becoming more health conscious and aware of what they are putting into their bodies. We have listened to our consumers looking for lighter, lower alcohol options by creating these LITE ciders with the same refreshing original Loxtonia taste,” says Ali Bestel, Marketing Manager at Loxtonia Cider.

Delicious to the core just like the original Loxtonia ciders, the new LITE varieties capture the true essence of freshly pressed, naturally fermented apples nurtured on the farm from orchard to bottle.

Loxtonia Crispy Apple LITE Apple Cider, the low-alcohol version of the ever-popular Loxtonia Crispy Apple, is refreshingly fruity with a smooth, crisp finish. Blended from the finest handpicked apple varieties, it is easy-to-drink and instantly invigorating. Crispy Apple LITE has 25 calories per 100ml, which amounts to 83 calories for a 340ml bottle.

Loxtonia Blush LITE Apple Cider bursts with the hues of spring. This crisp, fashion forward rosé-style cider allures with delicate floral notes and vibrant bursts of pink apples, ending with a refreshing dry finish that will leave you yearning for another sip. It is the perfect partner for outdoor enjoyment at picnics, long, lingering pool parties, or just chilling with friends. A 340ml bottle of Blush LITE has 76 calories based on a count of 22 calories per 100ml.

All Loxtonia ciders are made of 100% handpicked, freshly pressed apples, are gluten-free, vegan-friendly and free of preservatives and artificial additives.

Available online and at selected liquor stores countrywide at around R94.96 for a 4-pack of 340ml recyclable glass bottles, you will want to make Loxtonia LITE your summer companion. For online purchases visit email or call Tel: 023-0040930.


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