Monday 13 January 2020


With the goal of powerful storytelling at its core, the collection features both new groupings as well as renewed styles that reflect the current appetite for chunkier and more stylized footwear. The look of the women’s collection is directed decidedly forward. Trendy details and of-the-moment colours and treatments define this season’s offerings.

In 2020 we're talking quality over quantity, and one of the first brands to come to mind when I think of quality shoes is Timberland, part of the VF Corporation portfolio. Timbs, as they're so lovingly called, have become one of the most iconic brands especially for the original Yellow Boot that are an OG staple in today's pop culture (And probably the most copied and replicated shoes in any Chinese shop and many fast fashion retailers coming up with similar designs - but nothing comes close to the quality and style of the original). 

I still remember when I got my first Timberland - it was a gift from my mom when I was still in high school and it was a high-heel version of the classic yellow boot. It still remains one of my favourites 6 years later and I've added another 5 boots to that collection all of which are still in perfect condition. They don't compromise on quality so why should you?

Always ahead of the curve, they recently announced the Timberland Autumn/Winter 2020 collection described as a blend of urban style and comfort. 

 A new sneaker grouping features chunky outsoles for a youthful vibe, as seen on the star of the collection, the Ruby Ann 6-Inch Boot and oxford. The Ruby Ann 6-Inch Boot borrows from the iconic Yellow Boot and steps up as the hero of the story. 

A a recently self-proclaimed sneaker junkie in the making, I'm particularly excited for their new sneakers. I already own 2 pink sneakers but their pink chunky sneaker is calling my name! What are you most excited for in Timberland's new collection?

You can shop the collection online on or at any Timberland outlet.


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