Wednesday 12 June 2019


Now let's not get ahead of ourselves, my "everyday makeup look" is no makeup. I don't wear makeup everyday especially not to work or when I'm just going to be home. But some days if I'm going shopping or feel like looking pretty or being creative I'll do my makeup. These are some of the products I'll use as well as some suggestions. 

The bare minimum

A bare minimum day is a day even putting my contact lenses on is too much effort. On a day like this I'll wear glasses and more than likely just wear sneakers and look like a hobo. Even on a bare minimum day I'll fill in my brows and wear a tinted lip gloss. Lately to fill in my brows I've been using the Foschini Perfect Pallette brow kit - the only thing I wish it had was a darker brown shade but apart from that it has everything you need including brow stencils (even though I haven't used them). The recent tinted lip gloss I've been loving is the Essence Matt Matt Matt long-lasting lipgloss

The fancy everyday look

When I do put in the effort to put my contact lenses on, I like to be a little extra and actually do a full-ish face (There's no in between with me, either no makeup or full face baby). But it's still an "everyday look" because I don't go all out with eyeshadow or lashes. I'll still do my brows and use a tinted lip gloss but apart from that my other "go tos" for shopping or going out for coffee are:

Mascara: Either Benefit Bad Gal Bang! or Avon Mark Big and Multiplied

Eye liner: Wet 'n Wild megaliner for the top lid (liquid liner) and Essense Kajal Pencil for bottom lid tightline (pencil liner)

Foundation: Sephora Matte Perfection Foundation

Concealer: L.A Girl Pro Conceal

Setting Spray: Bionic Babe Set-it Babe

Here are the instababes everyday makeup essentials

I asked on instagram what your makeup essentials are and you babes answered: 

@shenaynayyy : Mascara and lip gloss!
@ruchia_maharaj : Mascara and lip liner
@sanam_sewpersad : Yardley concealer and revlon lip liner, I use nothing else
@taryn_nadine : Concealer, a brow product, mac studio fix compact powder and some labello and mascara
@juwairiyabakharia : Mascara and Rimmel brow powder
@vividhamehra13 : Mascara
@savoniadorasamy : LA Girl concealer and my DIY face mist
@niii_chan17 : Concealer, mascara and a tinted lip gloss
@glamestgirlintherapy : Makeup revolution banana powder
@lifesatreat_sa_blog : Does mascara count...
@nabeela_yacob : Eyeliner
@theglamvet : Mascara, BB cream, bronzer (eyes and cheeks) and neutral hippie
@tania.x.o : concealer or foundation, mascara and lip gloss/balm (brush brows - keep natural)
@riashabalgobind : Kryolan dermacolour
@chxquxta18_10 : Eyebrow powder and mascara
@karishmamagan_21 : Benefit professional, Mac Fix+ and Yardley Stayfast longwear lipstick
@shania_raman : Mascara
@shreyasewpersad : Clear lip gloss!
@lanesekemp : Bronzer and mascara
@merina_c : Bronzer
@rumaisa_sheik_ : I don't wear makeup ever day because of school - but I would say mascara!
@mssheenad : Good primer
@bushraa.lab : Mascara
@_nazzy_gram_ : Concealer, highlighter and a dewy setting spray - quick, easy and on the go!
@miss_makeup_sa : Maybeline fit me foundation, essence, eyebrow kit and blush. Done!
@_kaylinn__x : Mascara. It can just "up" anything

Looks like MASCARA is the most common makeup essential! What are your everyday makeup essentials?

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