Saturday 1 December 2018


It's that time of year again; year end functions, family time but most of all long queues to do Christmas shopping! *sigh* I'm the least patient person when it comes to waiting in a queue at the mall, much less facing the traffic. That's why I'm looking for cool alternative gifts that you can simply shop for online and have delivered straight to your door in a matter of days.

One such option is a lego mini me!

Mini Asha with her camera and trusted laptop

What is it?

A cool personalised lego gift that you can customise to look like anyone, even yourself! With hundreds of options you can create a pretty darn accurate mini version of yourself. It also comes in a cute little container.

Where can I buy it?

You customise and order it online from The customization process is easy and fun. You can pay with a credit card, EFT, snapscan and PayPal (This I found really cool. I have a PayPal account for my international purchases but hardly find local businesses that accept it. Big ups to Mini Me for that!). It takes 2-3 business days delivery. I ordered on a Friday and it came on the Tuesday.

My verdict?

I'm such a sucker for personalised gifts! I'm also very familiar with mini-me as I ordered versions for my dad and brother for Christmas last year. They were very surprised by it and still keep it on display even now - a sign that it was a good gift! So now I can add my own mini me to the collection. Yay! It makes a really cute Christmas gift or just treat yourself to one. You can either use it as a few ring or buy a stand and keep it on display. Definitely a very unique buy.


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