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Time for another #girlboss interview! Get to know what keeps these Queens motivated to do the mostest! This week we chat to Dr. Rohini Bisaal, a dental surgeon, international model, brand ambassador for Miss Uniworld and dancer.

1. Who was your favourite female heroine growing up and why?

Growing up, I was exposed to the simplicities of life and truly did not admire any sort of heroine at the time. I did however admire my Naani (grandmom). For me, she was something special. I remember her teaching my sister and I how to bake, roll roti’s and cook in her kitchen. She was a home economics teacher so that was her forte. She had the utmost patience (and still does) with us and never complained if we made a bit of a mess or took ages to get simple ingredients into a bowl. Her genuine and caring nature played a role in my upbringing and I see her as a heroine figure. I believe we should focus on the basic things in life before we step out and admire others. We already have so many people around us who we interact on a daily basis which add value and inspiration in their very own way.

2. Who is your biggest role model?

I have 2. One is my Mom which forms my personal role model and the other is Priyanka Chopra which forms my celebrity role model. Then reason I have two is significant.
My Mom, Anusha Bisaal, is a powerhouse on her own. She has an incredible story to tell about her life, her journeys, challenges and achievements. Regardless of what life served her, she always remained optimistic and never accepted defeat. She is a woman who literally changes others’ lives in a positive realm with the work she does as well as simply being herself. The lives she’s touched and results thereof is admirable. She remains grounded and rooted in her beliefs especially when living in a society which tells us otherwise which makes her extremely unique from the rest. Her hard work, determination and sacrifices have resulted in her successful businesses which are recognised by many. She is a woman of stature, humbleness and poise.

Following Priyanka Chopra’s journey has served as a huge inspiration in my life. Coming from a background of pageantry for the past 12 years and now being the Brand Ambassador of Miss Uniworld, has allowed me to admire this woman on many scales. After winning Miss World, Priyanka Chopra entered Bollywood as an actress and developed incredible skills and experienced which opened many doors of opportunities thereafter. For me, she is a woman who doesn’t settle when she feels she has had enough. She has this tendency of always pushing her boundaries and creating new realms of opportunities to broaden her horizon in the world. One of the most significant traits I love about her is being a brand ambassador of Unicef. Here I see a side of her which is selfless and completely independent from the glamour world. Her knowledge of the places she’s visited and work she’s done overall all makes her a true inspiration to many. She focuses a lot on education which I feel is so important. Education is one of the most powerful tools anyone could have. This enables you the ability to have a voice, be heard and develop your very own opinions. This shows that one can be successful and make a difference in many realms and not just confined to one niche. This is where I resonate with her as I am in two very different industries, the modelling and the medical. There always has to be a balance which nurtures both in a healthy manner. I think Priyanka portrays it beautifully.

3. If you could have any one wish come true what would it be?

For the ability of others to see that we are all ONE in this world and our journey on this planet is to serve.

4. Girl hate is real! So often females break each other down instead of building each other up. Do you experience negativity from other girls towards yourself and your success? How can women be more encouraging of each other? 

I choose not to focus on “hate”. I feel it is a very strong word that comes with lots of negativity. I do however acknowledge its presence. I actually haven’t experienced any negativity from other girls towards myself and my success. I don’t feel I give anyone a reason to do so because I’m focused very much on my lane and helping others be it in my profession or personally. I honestly feel every woman is a Goddess in their very own way. Women are such beautiful creations who have the ability to create such magnificence in this world. I think that if women truly recognise and believe this, they would be able to create a realm of inspiration to so many which would in turn serve as an encouragement overall.

5. A lot of public scrutiny of the modeling industry has been based on the premise that models and the media give girls unrealistic expectations on how they should look. What is your take on this?

This is where Miss Uniworld comes in. We break the norms and pageantry which ties up with the modelling industry which says you need to have a certain look, height and weight. Miss Uniworld has changed many ladies lives in a positive light whereby individuals who once thought they weren’t pretty enough or tall enough to be involved in this industry are now shining and inspiring others to believe they are indeed enough. If we as individuals take the responsibility to encourage, inspire and motivate ladies in believing they are enough regardless of their skin colour, height and weight; we can truly have a huge impact in society. Yes, even though I am a professional model, I can say this first hand – I did not meet the height requirements for my agency BUT because of the work I do and how I portrayed myself, I was signed up. This basically proves that you truly are more than the “unrealistic expectations”. If you don’t try, you would never know. The journey always starts from within. BELIEVE!

6. Being a public figure, lots of young girls look up to you. What kind of role model do you hope to be in their lives?

I hope to be all they hope for me to be for them. I am here to serve I always will be.

7. You've accomplished so much and you're still so young! What advice do you have, firstly for girls aspiring to be in the medical field, and then for girls looking to break into the modeling industry?

Firstly, a heartfelt thank you
I wouldn’t separate the two as this would apply to both fields – If you have a dream and you are most certain about where you dream and feel its presence within your heart, DO NOT give up. Always remember, there will be people who will make you second guess but you have to pay attention to what truly resonates with you. Do your homework. Research and gain all the information you need and go for it. The Universe loves a stubborn heart. The journey starts from within. You got to have love for what you aspire to do.

8. Tell us a bit more about yourself?

I’m soon to be 24 in October. I am a Libran hence the need to always be balanced. I’ve been raised in Durban, studied in Cape Town (which I’ve made my second home) for 5 years and now I’m back in Durban in my community service year after graduating from the University of the Western Cape with my Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree. I am a Dental Surgeon by profession as well as a model, brand ambassador and a dancer. I’ve always had a passion for dancing and modelling hence my lean towards that specific industry. I always give my utmost time and energy into doing what I love and truly believe in as if fuels my souls purpose in a way. I have a vision board which serves as a guide towards my aspirations and dreams. I see myself in a position able to help many around me. I have an urge to serve and heal which fits in well with dentistry. My aim for the future is to definitely promote oral health as well as serve as an inspiration for others to aspire to greater heights by simply being authentically me. I believe that if I can show the world my true self and be unapologetically me, this will encourage others to nurture their authenticity too. This will allow for a niche of individualistic expression which I feel is absolutely important. Travel is also on my goals for the future so I’m looking forward to many beautiful experiences around the world.

9. If you could give your 13 year old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

I would look myself in the mirror and say – You are enough, you are beautiful, you are a precious soul and you are limitless; now go out there and spread your light (ending off with a brave smile )

10. Lastly, where can we find you?

Instagram: @rohinibisaal
Linked In: Rohini Bisaal
Facebook Page: Rohini Bisaal


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