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It seems like one of the most distinct things about us millennials is our desire to travel (I cannot tell you how tired I am of seeing people's Instagram photos of Thailand - well maybe that's because there's a little bit of envy too!). We're the generation that realizes that life is about experiences not material things. We have the insatiable wanderlust that makes us want to roam every inch of this vast planet. And why not?! There's so much out there to see and experience. Our travels and experiences shape and mould us and allow us to see life from all different perspectives

Possibly the only negative thing about travel is that it can make us pretty broke (Especially when we're students who are already pretty darn broke!), but it doesn't have to. If we're smart about it, we can travel and have an amazing holiday for less than a months rent! One of the ways to do this is to take advantage of specials and flight sales.

Luckily for us, Travelstart is having their birthday sale which includes many of the most popular flight routes and destinations. I'm collaborating with Travelstart to bring you some of the most popular flight destinations and my own travel bucket list that will hopefully ignite your wanderlust and give you inspiration for your next trip!



The most popular flight routes in South Africa, in order of number of flight searches is: Cape Town, Johannesburg (O.R Tambo), Durban, Johannesburg (Lanseria), Port Elizabeth. This is not at all surprising since Cape Town is the tourist capital of South Africa! Although it's slightly more expensive than other cities in SA, I would highly recommend Cape Town as a fake *international* holiday for those on a budget - lets be honest, going to Cape Town is as lit as a vacay overseas!

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To be fair, I've been to Port Elizabeth just a few months ago in January 2018, but I loved it so much I wouldn't mind going back! PE is such a stunning city, at just a fraction of the flight time and cost of a holiday is Cape Town. Besides, it's in close-ish proximity to other amazing destinations like Addo National Park, Knysna (The last time I visited the Garden Route was in 2015 and I have this itch to go again!), Grahamstown, Port Alfred (Which is so underrated!) and East London.

Another local holiday that's at the top of my bucket list is Blyde River Canyon and Kruger National Park. A quick search on instagram shows how stunning and other-worldly Blyde River Canyon is and Kruger is like king of safari destination so I hope to make these a reality in the next year!



A surprising destination to make it as the most popular regional flight route is Zimbabwe's capital of Harare! Flights to Harare have increased 118% in the past year alone! Harare's breakout growth this year may have been as a result of the changing political climate in the country. 

Windhoek emerged as having the second most flights originating in South Africa. The Namibian capital is also on my travel bucket list!

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Surprise, surprise, I need some Namibia in my life! I was actually supposed to visit this city in the beginning of the year but due to complications it didn't go as planned. That doesn't mean I've given up on it! I would loved to make a few weeks long trip of it and visit Swakopmund on the coast as well as the northern Etosha National Park region. What fascinates me about Namibia is that it is such a vast country that ranges from desert, sea and wildlife

I will admit my regional bucket list is much longer than that. I would also like to visit Botswana, Tanzania and, of course, Zim in the next 2 years!

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London takes the top spot and why not, South Africans have always had a sweet spot for English Tea.  London remains an important tourist and business air route for South Africans and has seen increased capacity with with British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and SAA offering direct flights between Heathrow Airport and South Africa. From October 2018, British Airways will launch direct flights between Durban and London marking the first time three of South Africa's largest airports are served with non-stop connections to Heathrow. 

The second and third most popular destinations happen to be Dubai and New York City respectively.

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If you've checked out my instagram stories lately, you would have seen that I've taken up Arabic study. So many people have asked me why and this pretty much answers the question. My international bucket list at the moment is filled with Middle Eastern countries including Egypt, Morocco and Jordan and what better way for preparing for those travels than learning the language. I don't think it's even necessary for me to explain why this north African country is at the top of my bucket list. The amount of history in the region is nothing short of spectacular and that's why I hope to visit it next year (Inshaallah).

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That wraps up my list of most popular destinations for South Africans as well as my own travel bucket list! So where are you off to next?

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