Wednesday 23 August 2017


Carrying on August’s theme of Women Empowerment, this week I’ve interviewed Payal Ramlall, a fellow blogger, model and law student (And also, a close friend of mine!). Also, be sure to check out my interview on her blog which you can find here.


1.   If you could have dinner with any woman in the history of the world, whom would you have dinner with? What is the first question you would ask her?

My (late) great grandmother. She was a formidable woman, a woman of strength and valor. She died at the age of 113. From the stories I've been told about her from my mom and grandmother as well as articles I've read in newspapers, she was the epitome of a hardworking, independent and selfless woman & mother. My great grandmother was also interviewed by 3rd Degree and The Post, the media was always in awe of her elderly age and her incredibly attitude towards physical hard work, and she loved every bit of camera time she received. I always regard her a role model. My question to her would be about how she managed to maintain her health so well into such old age (she used to do excessive gardening even at the age of 100 years old), whilst still being able to attend to her home and family responsibilities. 

2.     Who are some of your favourite female fictional characters? 

Wonder Woman, Khaleesi (Game of Thrones) and Jessica Pearson (Suits) - each of these women display the independence, intelligence and power of being a woman. Not to mention how badass they are which I find really motivating.

3.     Do you identify as a feminist? Why or why not?

It's gotta be a yes from me - undoubtedly a firm believer in 'The Future is Female'. I was raised in a home where my parents encouraged me to reach for the stars, where I was allowed to be whatever I dreamed to become.

So when I'd hear things like, that a woman's place is meant to be in a kitchen and not to bother about a career - it infuriated me to a point where I promised myself I'd always promote women empowerment in all that I do and that motivated me to work harder and aim higher. I knew that if I did the opposite of what society would expect from me as a norm, I'd be standing for something true and powerful in the hopes that it would be a form of encouragement to other women who are career driven and ambitious.

4.     What advice would you give guys on how to be a modern day gentlemen (without encroaching on feminist ideals)?

Respect a woman like you'd respect your mom or sister. I don't need you to buy me the most expensive handbag, or fly me to New York or even open my door to show me you care - I can do that all by myself. I encourage GENTLEMEN, and I'll say gentlemen because 'boys' aren't capable of this  - to know your woman's worth and treat her as such, because she is invaluable

5.     Now, onto blogging! What inspired you to start your blog? And what has blogging taught you thus far? 


My blog was inspired by my trip to New York and Orlando, Florida. Initially I'd receive tons of questions from people who'd want updates on my journey and I thought a blog would be the best way to cover it all. I enjoyed writing so much that I decided to expand my blogs and combine it with my interests and passions. Being a newbie in the blogging community it's taught me to break out of my shell, exploring my creative side and most of all it's taught me that there's more people than you think that actually look up to you and feel inspired by your blog so it's important to always be positive. 

6.    As a public figure, younger girls look up to you. What do you hope to embody to them?

Wow! That's something that's so important to me and a responsibility I hold close to my heart. Young girls are incredibly pressured to always look 'instagram fresh' and 'on point'. They forget to actually experience their childhood because they're too busy trying to grow up faster. I hope that I could tell every single girl to simply LOVE and ADORE themselves for who they are right now, just enjoy being young. Be happy with the skin God blessed with because it's what makes you, YOU! Know your worth and start from a young age to value yourself before you expect someone else to value you. 

7.     There’s been a lot of talk about girl on girl hate recently. What are some ways girls can show girl on girl ‘love’? 

Being real, encouraging and sincere. Be real in your feelings towards another female. Taking the time out of your day to encourage someone to be the best version of herself, and Sincerity is so important because often you'd get a person who would pretend to be a supporter when they actually aren't.  I love keeping up with some of my friends Instagrams and Facebook pages, with all the love and positivity they share - a great day begins with a positive mindset! One more important thing - we often get so busy that we forget to ask the simple question like 'Are you okay?’, so many of our close friends and family go through a lot without us even knowing it, so a simple 'how have you been' could mean so much and show someone you care. 

8.     Tell us a bit more about yourself.

Haha aaah okay a quick Payal101!! - I have a passion for the arts which include singing, music, dance, fashion,acting and photography. I've traveled to New York and Orlando when I was selected for the ARTS 2016 convention and represented S.A. I absolutely adore animals and love being outdoors. Baking, gardening, DIY, basically anything that involves creativity and design - I AM THERE!  I also enjoy quiet time where I get to zone out, gather my thoughts & reflect back on my day - I generally do this when I'm doing something creative. 

9.   If you could give your 13 year old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

At age 13 I was like a fire-cracker. I'd encourage myself to remain resilient, bold and full of life and carry those traits into my adulthood. To never lose that zest I had for life. Oh and I'd definitely tell my 13 year old self to shut the people up who kept telling me to eat a burger when they were too uneducated to know about a fast immune system or hyperthyroidism. 

10. Awesome! Lastly, where can we find you?

Facebook : Payal Ramlall


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