There comes a time when the initial honeymoon stage of the relationship ends (*sigh* it was nice while it lasted). Before you know it, the days of romantic dates, going out to restaurants with names you can't pronounce, getting bouquets of roses and chocolates and being treated like a Queen/King fade into a distant memory. That's when you know it may be time to let go. Easier said than done! The one thing harder than starting a relationship is ending one. Don't you worry, Life By Asha Singh is here to make your life easier.

Okay so he/she liked your meme and you got the courage to slide into the DM. An exchange of WhatsApp numbers and many "haha lol"s later and that long awaited message comes through "we should meet up and go for coffee sometime lol".  YAAAAAS you're in the game. Now here's what you've got to do to turn that coffee date into some Netflix and chill time.

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