"When you buy from a small business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home. You are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mom put food on the table, a dad pay mortgage and a student pay for college."

I'm sure you've come across this quote somewhere, and I can't think of it being more relevant than it is right now. Where's the local is lekker spirit?

In South Africa supporting local is even more important because these businesses give our economy a much needed push and employ locals so that they have more cash money to support themselves and their families.

This year I wanted to prioritise supporting small to medium businesses.

1. Alivo Boutique

Looking for a cuuuute passport holder or wallet? Alivo Boutique makes personalised ones which can have your name and a couple cute little charms on the cover.

You can find them on instagram @alivoboutique or WhatsApp them on 078 293 3650

2. S The Label

How about a little East meets West affair to spice up your wardrobe? S The Label is a clothing brand that represents the modern, working woman while letting her embrace traditional wear in a more 21st century way. 

You can follow them on instagram @_sthelabel or go to their website www.sthelabel.co.za

3. Swiitchbeauty

At this point you can basically say Swiitch has created a cult of South African beauty enthusiasts that adore the local brand. Majorly hyped on social media, and rightly so, Swiitch Beauty is a local make-up brand started by then 14 year old Rabia Ghoor. They make affordable makeup that rivals even the most high-end palette and are continuously launching new and innovative beauty products. Also, they think you look lekker today.

Follow them on instagram on @swiitchbeauty or go to their website www.swiitchbeauty.com

4. Amani Art

Amani Art is a Cape Town based online store that has personalised gifts and apparel. But not just the ordinary boring stuff you see at the flea market. Expect captions like "Just be lekker" "Dala what you must" "Ek kannie dealie" "Is alles oraait byrie huis". Yeah, that's one way to make a statement. So if you're looking for the perfect t-shirt or mug to describe your mood ('Tsek' maybe?), you know where to find it.

Follow them on instagram on @amaniartct or go to their website www.amaniartct.co.za

5. Kheper Athleisure

Wear tights but call it FASH-UN. Founded in Cape Town in 2017, Kheper is a high quality athleisure wear brand centred around inclusivity to encourage women from all walks of life to feel confident and empowered. I recently discovered Kheper on instagram, where I saw some of my favourite content creators sporting their gorgeous, booty-hugging tights - and I just had to have one of my own!

Follow Kheper on instagram @kheper_sa and shop their online store www.kheper.co.za

6. Blueberry Blush

Summer's not over yet and Durban business Blueberry Blush have the cutest locally made footwear to go with your poolside outfits. They have a wide range on sandals that prioritise comfort and trendy styles.

You can follow them on instagram @blueberryblushza or go to their website www.blueberryblush.co.za

7. Infusion Ice-Cream

As a foodie, I had to include a food brand! Can you think of a better combination than booze and ice-cream? Infusion Ice-Cream is a Durban based business that makes original and booze infused home made ice cream. Definitely a cool, unique product worthy of a mention (And a taste!)

Follow them on instagram @infusion_ice_cream or WhatsApp them on 0615224305

8. Kaffeine Media Solutions

Of course I need to *plug* my own business fam. If you're looking to level up your social media game and kill it on IG/Facebook, Kaffeine's got your back. We're a full service marketing company that specialises in social media and influencer marketing. We'll give you that killer marketing strategy - both online and off. 

Follow us on instagram on @kaffeinemedia or go to our website www.kaffeinemediasolutions.com

With the goal of powerful storytelling at its core, the collection features both new groupings as well as renewed styles that reflect the current appetite for chunkier and more stylized footwear. The look of the women’s collection is directed decidedly forward. Trendy details and of-the-moment colours and treatments define this season’s offerings.
Us millennials don't just think of food as a way to satisfy our hunger - food is a whole experience. For that very reason you expect the restaurant to be a whole vibe and 14 on Chartwell lives up to that expectation.

This classy restaurant located in Umhlanga, Durban makes the perfect destination for drinks with the girls, a date night or a special occasion like a birthday party. Notoriously usually fully packed especially on the weekend (With a reservation pretty much always necessary to get a table fyi), you can tell that it's incredibly vibey.

What makes you feel the most wanted? What does it mean to feel the most wanted? It means feeling flamboyant, passionate and authentic, feeling free, adventurous, untimeable and playful. In other words feeling the most wanted is about feeling like the most empowered version of yourself.

Nimue’s challenge and promise is simple. Take up the 12 Week Challenge and if you can’t ditch your foundation in week 13, we will give you your money back.

When you think of touristy things to do in Cape Town, there's no doubt that Table Mountain dominates that list. The list of people who've been to Cape Town and people who've been up to Table Mountain is pretty much mutually exclusive right? While the actual mountain is what we consider synonymous with Table Mountain Nation Park, the Good Hope also falls under Table Mountain National Park. And within the Good Hope is where you'll find the Cape Point Nature Reserve. 

Waking up to the sound of birds chirping faintly in the background. You've just had the most relaxing sleep on a gigantic king size bed, lying on a cozy electric blanket. You get up, freshen up in the en suite bathroom then make your way to the lounge area of the cottage. You go straight for the curtain that covers the huge glass doors to the patio. Unlike any other patio, yours comprises of a cute little wooden stoep surrounded by a brimming dam. In the distance you see a picture picture backdrop of trees, some covered in sparse autumn leaves and some as green as emeralds. As you open the glass door you feel the midlands chill - first the cold hits your lips then your nose then your whole body. But the cold fresh air makes you feel alive. 

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