Thursday 27 August 2020



  Face maskcheck - New Uber Technology that helps confirm drivers are wearing a face mask

This push notification, along with a few others, came up on my phone over the last few days from my Uber app. And just in time too, now that alcohol is back on sale I need a girls night with some cocktails and that means I need Uber to the rescue.

Over 6 months into the pandemic and life goes on - but it's a little far-fetched to think things are back to normal. Something as simple as Ubering, as effortless as it was pre-pandemic, might bring about a bit of apprehension now. Is our favourite ride-hauling app still safe to use during cover-19?

Uber recently launched their #RideSafeWithUber campaign that brings about changes to the Uber experience to bring both drivers and riders a bit more piece of mind.  As I was briefed on the campaign and Uber's efforts, I was thoroughly impressed by the attention to the smaller details (And things that didn't even cross my mind) that they've decided to implement. 

So, what has Uber decided to do to ensure our safety? Here are the main new additions to your Uber ride experience:


  • Drivers will thoroughly sanitise their vehicles before or after every trip to ensure that the strictest measures in hygiene are adhered to and keeping the community safe

  • Sanitisers reimbursement: Drivers are reimbursed for their purchase of a sanitiser or disinfectant of their choice.

  • Interactive Safety Checklist: You'll receive a reminder before each trip to follow hygiene best practices like washing your hands before getting in the car, sitting in the back seat and opening windows for ventilation. (Drivers also receive their checklist that must be completed before taking trips)

  • Mask Detection: Uber has launched a new in-app tool that detects if drivers are wearing a mask or not. Drivers are asked to take a selfie to confirm that they're wearing a mask before going online and riders receive confirmation of this.

  • Free Masks for Riders: A partnership with YES foundation ensured that drivers are provided with free masks to wear on-trip.


  • No Cancellation Penalty: No penalty cancellation before a trip commences whereby either the driver or rider isn't wearing a mask

  • Seating: There is now a maximum seating capacity in place of 50% per vehicle and encourage riders to sit in the backseat to encourage social distancing between riders and driver

  • Contactless Payment: Riders can now prepay for their upcoming trips with Uber Cash, creating a stress-free way to travel, further adding to the convenience this payment method offers. Digital payments help ensure the well-being of both the rider and driver by limiting unnecessary physical contact and it is the encouraged method of payment should travel be necessary. Debit/ Credit, EFT and barter payments are still available! 

Post Trip

  • Safety and Hygiene Feedback:  Both your driver and yourself will be asked to leave feedback in the app regarding safety and hygiene. On the other hand, drivers will also be able to leave feedback if a rider was not wearing a mask or removed their mask.

Personally, I had a few Uber rides since the start of the pandemic and I felt safe every time. The drivers I've had followed protocol 100% but it's also important to realise that a lot of the responsibility rests on us - we are the ones that need to ensure WE'RE following protocol too. But at least we have the peace of mind of knowing that we can Uber our way around town and still feel like our safety is being prioritised. So thanks Uber, and happy travelling guys!

This post is sponsored by Uber South Africa.

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