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When I was deciding whether to write about the #SheDecides, at first I had no doubt about it. I fully support women's rights and empowerment. More often than not I'm the one actively advocating for it when I hear comments from people that think otherwise.  

I believe every woman deserves equal pay, equal access to resources and the freedom to do what she wants with her life and body. And of course that brings on the issue of abortion. Wait, do I really want to write about that knowing how passionate the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate is? This is something I've only really shared my opinion of with my friends. Coming from a religious background, I've never felt comfortable talking about it to people I wasn't absolutely close to. So, Asha, am you pro-choice?

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Let's back it up a bit and talk about the pro-life and pro-choice movements. The pro-life and pro-choice argument has been an age old one that divides people of all races and color. 

The pro-life movement generally refers to people who believe that life can only be taken away be God and are against abortion and euthanasia. They also consider abortion murder as an unborn baby also deserves human rights. Pro-choice refers to a movement that believes individuals should have full autonomy over their bodies and their reproduction rights and that unborn babies cannot necessarily be given the same rights as human beings. 

life by asha singh feminism

Now, of course, that brings us back to the question of whether I'm pro-life or pro-choice. I recently read an opinion piece on the Chicago Tribe that resonated with me deeply. If you really want to know my point of view, here you go:

It's so much deeper than just simply those 2 polarizing terms. Pro-life doesn't go far enough. What happens after these children are born? Are these children going to have to live in poverty all their lives because their parent/s weren't financially steady? Is the mother going to have to give up her studies/future because she couldn't afford childcare? What about the mental wellbeing of the child? How can we ensure that child lives the life they deserve?

Pro-choice is also problematic - how can there even be a choice if some women don't have access to the proper healthcare, facilities and resources to bring a life into the world? 

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In order to be totally pro-life and pro-choice, we first need to ensure people have access. So I'm going to say I'm pro-access. Now don't confuse that with pro-choice - without access many women don't even have the choice. 

But what if she does have access? Then she can follow whatever ideology she wishes to live her life by. 

So yeah, in that way, I am pro-choice. But the playing field isn't fair enough to be pro-choice or pro-life yet. 

And if you on the other hand are pro-choice (Or even pro-access like me), you should read up on the SheDecides movement

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