Wednesday, 2 August 2017


This is another collab with my fav girl blogger Indira from Indira's Inner Beauty! Head on over to her blog to see her post. 

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a firm believer in #girlpower. With those brows on fleek and your squad by your side you have no reason not to slay. Now the brows are the easy part, all you need are ABH dip brow and the real techniques brow brush and you're good to go girl! When it comes to your squad, not so easy. As pro-women and feminist as I am, I have to admit women are pretty notorious for being the more devious, conniving and backstabbing of the sexes. And you know what the worst part is - we've like that to each other

Whether it's judging another woman by her weight (It's 2017, why is fat-shaming even a thing anymore?), by her style ("Who is she trying to show so much skin to? Does she have no self-respect?"), or even worse, by her choices ("She's with a new guy already? Such a slut."). We always complain about guys (Well, they really are poop heads most of the time.) but what's worse is that we're just as bad. Here are some tips to start being more pro-women.

1.Recognize the slay in her
Whether it's that winged liner that's so #goals or even the fact that she found the courage and strength to brush her hair that morning, compliment, compliment, compliment! Now this is not just to do with looks, compliment her on her confidence or her correct use of the spelling they're and their. Compliment her on the fact that she had the courage to even wake up this morning and face the world yet again. Sometimes on your worst day, just hearing that you did something right makes all the difference.

2. Be Team Women
Support women. I recently read a quote from Anne Hathaway, where she said, "I regret not trusting female directors." How often do we add to the misogynistic view that women in a specific role are not as good as men are? I was guilty of this the other day when the driver in front of me waited ages to cross a stop street and when I saw the driver I rolled my eyes and muttered, "No surprise, it's a female.". No more patriarchal and misogynistic views ladies! Let's support women instead of put them down. What I am saying is let's rather judge by peoples personality's and their views and not whether they have a vagina. 

3.Don't put down your ex's new girl 

Definitely the hardest one! So she's got a bigger ass than you. You don't know her or her story and that really doesn't give you any reason to put her down or belittle her. I mean, you're currently most likely dating someone else's ex too and she too has no reason to bitch about you since she's never met you. Even a comment like, "He's really downgraded, I'm so much prettier than her." seems so innocent but it really isn't the best thing to do (Unless she came into the picture while you were with him - then by all means you have all the reason to rant, queen!). If another girl hasn't given you any reason to hate on her (and often even if she has given you reason to) that doesn't make it okay. 

Let's not contribute to a patriarchal culture that's so detrimental to women. Make the entire female population your squad!



  1. Nice post! I found you after reading Indira's post. I like the idea of collaborating by writing two posts on the same theme.

  2. I agree we should stop girl on girl hate because it is of no good. It only makes us emotionally unstable and hateful. There's a youtuber with the name of 'iisuperwomanii', she's also running a campaign on girllove . You should definitely check it out.

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